What an Avocado-Loving Rat Taught Me About Humane Rodent Control

Meet Ratty, the avocado-loving rodent who nibbled his way into my life and taught me an important lesson about using humane traps.

What Should You Do if Mice Have Found Their Way Into Your Home?

If mice or rats have decided to party at your pad, you can encourage them to pack their things and go with these simple and kind tips.

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PETA Fielded Calls From Dallas to Detroit to Help Animals This Fall

On an average day, PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department receives dozens of phone calls reporting cases of animal abuse. Here’s what happens next.

Scathing Online Glue Trap Reviews Highlight Home Depot Shoppers’ Regrets

Consumers’ glue trap reviews reveal that these devices are one of the cruelest methods of rodent control. Check out these reviews that PETA found on The Home Depot’s website.

Right On, Target! Company Ends Glue Trap Sales After Hearing From PETA

By keeping vile glue traps off store shelves, Target is proving that it has a big heart for small animals.

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Fox Cub’s Narrow Escape From Sticky Situation Shows Why Glue Traps Have Gotta Go

Glue traps are indiscriminate killers! A baby fox nearly died after becoming stuck to one, and now, people around the world are calling for a ban on them.

How PETA Got It Done: Hundreds of Places Have Banned Glue Traps

Hundreds of retailers and institutions, including 100 airports nationwide, have banned these sticky killers. But we’re not done with glue traps yet.

Rejoice at This Happy Ending After Jerks Leave Lizards to Die on Glue Trap

“It takes a real garbage person to do this to an animal.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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Women Cry Tears of Joy After Freeing Mouse from Glue Trap (VIDEO)

Do you know what to do if you find an animal stuck in a glue trap? Your actions could mean the difference between an animal’s life and death.

Little Boy Enraged at Dad for Killing a Mouse Tells Him What’s What

I want to be this kid when I grow up.

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Beautiful: Mice, Rats Rescued From Lab See Sunshine for the First Time

Get ready to have your day made.

Opposition to Glue Traps Will Head to the Home Depot’s Boardroom

PETA is asking fellow shareholders to vote to ban the sale of the cruel and dangerous devices.

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Nearly 100 U.S. Airports Have Banned the Use of Glue Traps

People who don’t want animals to suffer don’t want glue traps to be used in airports.

I Found Young Rats Stuck in a Glue Trap—Here’s What Happened Next

The exhausted animals were trapped face to face, and at times, it looked as though they might be trying to comfort one another.

Devastating Photo Shows Why You Should Never Use Glue Traps

PETA has been working with companies for years to get glue traps off store shelves. A new viral image is helping persuade people never to use them.

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