Women Cry Tears of Joy After Freeing Mouse from Glue Trap (VIDEO)

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One of the cruelest methods of killing animals that exists today is the glue trap. These devices—consisting of pieces of cardboard, fiberboard, or plastic coated with a strong adhesive—are designed to ensnare any small animal who makes contact with the sticky surface.

Trapped rodents and other animals suffer immeasurably during the days that it can take for them to die. Glue traps rip patches of skin, fur, and feathers off animals’ bodies as they struggle to escape, and many animals will even chew off their own legs trying to get free. Knowing the extent of suffering that glue traps cause could bring anyone to tears, and that’s exactly what happened after some unsuspecting women heard faint squeaks coming from a glue trap in their Airbnb. Watch the emotional rescue attempt that unfolded next:

Woman Rescues Mouse From Glue Trap

This woman broke down crying when she found someone stuck to a glue trap in her Airbnb. Luckily she knew exactly what to do 💙

Posted by The Dodo on Saturday, December 16, 2017

When mice and rats are caught on a glue trap, they are often thrown into the trash, along with the trap, and left to suffer until they eventually die of shock, asphyxiation, starvation, dehydration, or blood loss. Thankfully, by taking the following steps, you can alleviate this suffering and even prevent it from happening again.

What to Do if You Find an Animal Stuck on a Glue Trap

  • Grab a pair of gloves, a dishtowel, baby oil or cooking oil, some tissues, a damp cloth, and a secure container or shoebox with air vents.
  • Cover the animal’s head with the dishtowel to calm him or her down. Then, wearing a pair of gloves, gently massage a few drops of the oil into the area where the animal is stuck. Keep massaging until you are able to work the animal free.
  • Be sure to keep the amount of oil to a minimum, as it can interfere with natural waterproofing, thus reducing the animals’ chance of survival following release. Once the animal has been separated from the glue trap, carefully slide a tissue over the trap to prevent him or her from becoming stuck again.
  • Use the damp cloth to remove any excess oil, and place the animal inside a secure container or shoebox with air vents. Drape the dishtowel over the container to make it dark, and place it in a quiet, warm location so the animal can rest for an hour or two.
  • Active and alert animals can be released outdoors during mild weather within a one-block radius of where they were discovered. If the animal was trapped during extreme weather, he or she should be transported to a wildlife rehabilitator.

Teach Others About These Dangerous, Deadly Devices

Share this video with everyone you know, and ask them to promise never to use glue traps.

If any rodents need to be removed from a home, please check out these humane rodent-control methods.

You Can Help Stop This Suffering: Take Action Now! 

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