Cicadas Are All the Buzz This Spring—What Can Kids Learn About Them?

PETA Kids’ free resource will give you everything you need to help kids learn about kindness to insects—so you don’t have to wing it.

This May Be the Most Insect-Friendly TV Show for Children

PETA Kids is giving a popular TV show an award, and your children will be inspired by its message of kindness for some of the smallest animal

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Create Sweet Memories for Your Family With One of These Gingerbread Houses

Your family can spend quality time assembling a gingerbread house that’s just as sweet to animals as it is to eat. This year, try one of these options!

11 Vegan Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids—and One Gift to Avoid

PETA’s made a list and checked it twice to give you the ultimate animal-friendly stocking stuffer guide for children.

‘Cut Out Dissection’ Month: Try This Free Colorful Activity With Kids 

Use this activity sheet to teach your kids about the animals used in classrooms every year for dissection and what they can do to help stop it. 

What Prepackaged Vegan Snacks Are Family-Friendly? Here Are Our Picks

The next time you’re grocery shopping for your kids’ lunches, take a page from PETA parents’ books. These vegan snacks are some of their favorites.

Six Small Businesses Your Whole Family Will Love

Shopping small brands is a great way to support everyday people. Check out some of our faves, which make products that are kind to animals and awesome for kids.

Vegan Bento Box Fun: Boost Your Kids’ Lunches With These Ideas

Be the talk of the sandbox: Jazz up lunch with a bento box! Take a look at these vegan meal ideas and tools to make lunchtime fun time.

Let Your Kids’ Creativity Fly With an Animal-Friendly Activity

Teaching your young ones about animal rights can be a colorful experience. Help them display their respect for chickens with this fun and free PETA Kids activity.

One 12-Year-Old Shares Why You’re Never Too Young to Make a Difference

Dani, a 12-year-old, shares why going vegan is the best decision anyone can make. She’s got tips to help other kids get started today.

What Gives These Two Horror Stars Nightmares? Hint: It’s Not a Scary Movie!

Superstar siblings Madeleine and Violet McGraw love a good scary movie, and when faced with this horror for cats and dogs in real life, they know just what to do.

Photo: © Corina Marie
You Can Now Rescue Animals on Roblox?! Learn How

For a limited time only, millions of people will have the chance to enjoy an animal-friendly experience on one of the most popular online gaming platforms. Learn how your kids can join!

Animal Companions
10 Reasons Not to Buy a Bunny for Easter—or Ever

Bunnies aren’t Easter decorations—they’re sensitive individuals who are surprisingly high maintenance, and you’ll be shocked by how terribly they’re treated in the pet trade.

Looking for Vegan Sports Gear for Kids? Here’s How to Knock It Out of the Park

If finding vegan sports gear is your goal, take a page from PETA Kids’ playbook and help your child become an MVP for animals.

Parents: Don’t Miss This Free Animal-Friendly Kids’ Magazine

From puzzles and stickers to vegan tips, this free magazine has everything your kids need to be superheroes for animals.

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