James Cromwell Leads Vigil for Jailed Foie Gras Whistleblower

PETA, Syracuse Animal Rights Organization, and a giant “goose” show support for activist Amber Canavan.

Andy Murray and Kim Sears Receive Faux Gras Gift Hamper

Andy and Kim are animal lovers, so it’s fitting to give them a gift that’s both classy and cruelty-free.

Prince Charles Gets ‘Goosed’ at the White House

Prince Charles gets honks from a grateful “goose” during his White House visit.

See the Photo That Was Censored From PETA’s Twitter Feed

Posted just after the prohibition on the sale of foie gras in California was overturned, this picture was censored by Twitter.

Foie Gras Sales May Not Be Unlawful, but They’re Still Despicable

PETA has dropped our lawsuit, but Hot’s Kitchen is still in hot water with people who care about animals.

5 Big Fat Lies About Fatty Liver (Foie Gras)

Foie gras fanciers are adding insult to injury by trotting out a laundry list of misconceptions, inaccuracies, and outright lies about the foie gras industry.

PETA Fights Back With Protests Outside Restaurants Serving Foie Gras

PETA members protested today outside restaurants in Los Angeles and San Francisco that plan to serve foie gras after the reversal of California’s ban.

Have the French Had It With Foie Gras Cruelty, Too?

Even in the country that consumes the most foie gras in the world, people are having second thoughts about this “torture in a tin.”

Which Celebrity Chef Just Dumped His Foie Gras Supplier?

After an exposé reveals injured birds writhing in agony and caked in vomit, super-hot British chef Heston Blumenthal dumps his foie gras supplier.

UPDATE: Supreme Court Upholds California Foie Gras Ban

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a legal challenge to California’s groundbreaking ban on the production and sale of foie gras.

Michelin-Starred Eatery Earns ‘D’ for Diseased Ducks

After a swanky New York restaurant earns a shocking C grade from the health department, PETA issues an “inspection report” of our own.

Foie Gras Is a Bad Habit: Uri Geller Thinks Hypnosis Can Help

Can our friend, the magician, psychic, and mentalist Uri Geller convince Fortnum & Mason CEO to stop selling foie gras?

Nursing Home Staffers Nurse Ducklings Until Help Arrives

PETA staffer Erin Vader’s mom was visiting her father-in-law at a nursing home on a Sunday afternoon in Livonia, Michigan, when she overheard worried staffers talking about a flock of ducklings who were living in the nursing home’s courtyard and whose mother had not been seen all day. She called PETA’s emergency pager for advice … Read more »

‘Dead Geese’ Confront U.K.’s Fortnum & Mason Over Vile Foie Gras


Home Furnishings Company Drops Down!

If PETA’s recent successes are any indication, down is going down fast. The latest company to make the synthetic leap onto our anti-down bandwagon is Colorado’s leading furniture manufacturer, Woodley’s Fine Furniture. The Woodley brothers started their company decades ago with the intention of offering quality home furnishings that did not take a toll on … Read more »

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