Victory! Fortnum & Mason Bans Foie Gras After 10-Year Campaign

Excellent news for ducks and geese! PETA U.K. celebrates as the iconic British grocer bans “torture in a tin.” Here are the top moments from its decade-long push.

Video: Mark Rylance Calls Out Foie Gras Cruelty

The award-winning actor shines a spotlight on the force-feeding of birds.

Victory! New York City Bans Barbaric Foie Gras

Today, one of the biggest cities in the world is taking a firm stand against cruelty: New York City has banned foie gras and passed more new laws to help animals.

California Foie Gras Ban Back in Effect After Supreme Court Denies Petition for Review

PETA urges everyone to contact restaurants in California that have foie gras on their menus and demand that they remove it immediately.

PETA and Postmates Team Up to Save Ducks, Do Right by Animals

Ducks and geese have a new advocate in on-demand delivery service, thanks to a collaborative effort between Postmates and PETA

Wonderful Afternoon at Sublime as Artist Is Honored for Animal Song

PETA spent this past Sunday celebrating Grey for his brilliant viral song, “Vegan Thanksgiving.”

VICTORY: California’s Foie Gras Ban Will Soon Be Back in Effect

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has held that California’s foie gras ban was not preempted by federal law, thereby reinstating the law.

Sir Roger Moore: The Man with the Golden Heart

Animals have lost a dear friend with the passing of Sir Roger Moore.

Foie Gras Production Has Been Banned in the ‘Capital of Europe’

It’s hard to imagine anything more unethical than the foie gras industry

Wait—Animals Have Heads? Shut the Duck Up!

A viral image of a dead duck’s head should obviously remind folks that ALL animals had heads—and hearts and feelings—when they were alive.

Honking Mad ‘Goose’ Tells California: ‘I Am Not Down Filling!’

PETA’s 7-foot-tall plucked “goose” made an easy-to-see point while launching an ad blitz in Silicon Valley.

Here’s Why PETA UK Disrupted the International Business Awards’ Red Carpet

Protesters turned up at the 2016 International Business Awards in Rome with “dead geese” to object to the recognition of a company that produces vile foie gras.

How Buying Down Feathers Supports the Cruel Foie Gras Industry

If you buy down comforters or jackets you’re funding extreme cruelty.

The Moment These Geese Said Goodbye Will Break Your Heart

These bonded geese were separated so one of them could be killed for food. Their love for one another will haunt you.

Flock of PETA ‘Ducks’ Heads to European Parliament Buildings With an Important Message

Kind people everywhere are opposed to force-feeding and sickening birds for foie gras, but European Parliament buildings refuse to stop serving this hideous dish.

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