Animal Companions
Meet a Few of the Thousands of Animals PETA Fieldworkers Helped This Spring

When an animal is in need, PETA fieldworkers do everything in their power to help. Learn more about their groundbreaking work.

PHOTOS: How Is PETA Latino Putting the Heat on Puerto Rico’s Puppy Problem?

Find out how PETA Latino’s work for animals in Puerto Rico inspired a local celebrity and hundreds of other people.

Animal Companions
PETA Responds After Paris Hilton Buys Chihuahua Puppy From Breeder

Paris Hilton has apparently been living under a rock if she thinks that buying animals is a compassionate thing to do—a visit to an animal shelter would have shown her just how many homeless Chihuahuas need families.

Animal Companions
Adios, Animal Overpopulation: PETA Latino’s Free Spay/Neuter Events in Mexico Are Changing Lives

So far, more than 900 dogs and cats in Mexico have had successful surgeries, thanks to this determined team.

Cruel, Seedy, and Greedy: Comparing Animal Hoarders, Roadside Zoos, and Puppy Mills

How do animal hoarders compare with roadside zoos and puppy mills? PETA spotlights their speciesist similarities and what you can do to help their victims.

Is There a ‘Dark Side’ to PETA? Board Our Starship to Shine Light on a Rebel Force

If someone asks, “What’s the dark side of PETA?” we’ve got the answer. Let us shine a lightsaber on the truth of our efforts for animal rights.

Never Be Silent About Animal Neglect: Seedy Store Selling Reptiles Gets Shut Down

Visited a neglectful reptile store before but didn’t know how to speak up? Learn how one individual got over 300 animals removed from a hellhole in Plymouth.

PETA Uses AI to Help Breathing-Impaired Dog Breeds and Cows Abused for Milk

Curious about PETA’s first AI-generated ad images? Learn why artist Shad Clark used AI to create these striking visuals to help exploited dogs and cows.

Animal Companions
See the Tail-Wagging Headliners at PETA’s Poochella Adoption Fest

What happens when nine animal shelters and rescue groups throw one epic adoption festival? Poochella! Check out the highlights from this year’s event.

Animal Companions
Peek Inside: PETA’s Vital Community Work From January to March 2023

PETA received 581 requests for assistance during the first three months of 2023. Meet just a few of the animals whose lives we improved.

What Would It Look Like if Disney Characters Lived in the Real World?

Disney characters may live happily ever after, but what would their lives be like if they were treated like their real-life counterparts?

Animal Companions
Westminster Dog Show Winner Buddy Holly Will Be Exploited for Life

The only prize the “Best in Show” winner of the Westminster dog show gets is a lifetime of being exploited for profit.

What Gives These Two Horror Stars Nightmares? Hint: It’s Not a Scary Movie!

Superstar siblings Madeleine and Violet McGraw love a good scary movie, and when faced with this horror for cats and dogs in real life, they know just what to do.

Photo: © Corina Marie
Animal Companions
Top 5 Reasons Never to Buy a Dog, According to AI

Artificial intelligence is the future, and PETA is glad that ChatGPT knows to never buy a dog. Do you?

Video: Van Hauling Puppies Hundreds of Miles in Tiny, Waste-Filled Crates Crashes

Find out what—or who—police found at the scene of a Virginia Beach van wreck, and learn about the reality of online puppy sales.

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