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Former AKC Judge Faces 27 Criminal Charges After Officials Found 2 Dogs Dead, Others Reportedly ‘Swimming in Feces’ at His Kennel

This breeder used to judge dog shows for the American Kennel Club. Now it’s his turn to be judged—and he’s facing 27 criminal charges.

White dog photo © Isselee |; Dog Behind Bars © Brandenburg
Jonathan Franzen Explains the Number One Threat to American Birds

Author Jonathan Franzen joined PETA to talk about the dangers of keeping cats outdoors and a real-life incident that prompted a story in his novel “Freedom.”

Animal Companions
Cancún Spay-a-Thon Reaches Hundreds of Dogs and Cats

PETA Latino has had a tremendous impact on ending animal homelessness in Cancún—its most recent clinic sterilized more than 450 cats and dogs!

Animal Companions
After PETA Push, Dog-Breeding Restraint No Longer Sold at Walmart

After PETA pointed out that dog-breeding stands are used to restrain female dogs so that they can’t fight back, Walmart removed the devices from its website.

Victory! USDA Cracks Down on Craig Kokas

Craig Kokas kept hundreds of animals at his hellhole of a breeding operation for years—now the USDA is acting on its damning findings.

Animal Companions
32 Dog House Drop-Offs and Marley’s Makeover: CAP’s Winter Roundup

From giving painfully matted Marley a makeover to helping elderly cat Mischief gently pass, PETA fieldworkers do everything they can to help animals in need.

PETA Latino in Cancún: Spaying Like There’s No Mañana

In just one weekend, PETA Latino sterilized more than 200 animals. Learn how their efforts will help end the companion animal overpopulation crisis.

Animal Companions
From Concrete Slab to Dog Condo: See How PETA Helps ‘Backyard Dogs’

A heavy chain couldn’t stop Duke’s joy when PETA’s team first saw him in Cancún. See how they changed his life and learn how you can help dogs like him.

Animal Companions
The Blatant Cruelty of Breeding and Buying Breathing-Impaired Cats

Do you think cats deserve to breathe? We do, too. Find out why breeding flat-faced cats for sale is so cruel.

No More Concrete: PETA Helped Simon Find a New ‘Leash’ on Life in Mexico

PETA fieldworkers are changing lives in Mexico. The team has spent the last week helping dogs like Simon, whom they found chained to a concrete slab.

How to Help Sick Puppies for Sale at the U.S.-Mexico Border

Buying a sick puppy at the Tijuana border isn’t rescuing them. Instead, it’s helping to ensure that dozens more puppies will be bred and sold the same way.

Never Trust Animal Breeders: Logan Paul’s Pig Is Another Reminder

The story goes that breeders told Logan Paul that Pearl the pig was a “mini pig”—a species that doesn’t exist. Her story serves as a reminder never to buy an animal.

Animal Companions
Progress! New York Passes Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill, Banning Sale of Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits

New York’s Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill has been signed into law, so countless cats, dogs, and rabbits will be saved from being bred and sold at pet stores.

Animal Companions
5 Shocking PETA Investigations That Sparked Major Action for Animals in 2022

See some of the shocking findings that PETA’s investigations uncovered—and how our work helped animals in 2022.

PETA Latino Hosts Weekend Spay/Neuter Event in Cancún

PETA Latino’s Cancún event may have prevented the birth of more than 2,000 animals in the next 12 months alone!

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