Victory! Companies Ban Badger-Hair Brushes After Shocking PETA Exposé

PETA Asia’s first eyewitness investigation of its kind reveals how badgers are violently killed for brushes sold around the globe.

PETA Remembers Dr. Steve Ross, Champion of Great Apes

What better way to celebrate Dr. Steve Ross’ life than by advocating for chimpanzees, whom he spent his life sticking up for?

Dead Pigs Cover a Highway After Another Slaughterhouse-Bound Truck Crashes

For one horrifying moment on a roadside in England, it was as though a slaughterhouse did have glass walls. These pigs’ bodies scattered across a highway are all you’ll need to leave flesh off your plate.

Hannah Elizabeth
Mice and Rats Force-Fed Pesticides in Cancer Tests—PETA Scientists Have a Better Plan

PETA scientists have coauthored a paper that will help reduce the number of mice and rats used in tests to see if pesticides cause cancer in humans.

PETA Fieldworkers Free Gandalf From Life on a Chain—Now That’s What We’re ‘Tolkien’ About!

Gandalf jumped for joy when PETA fieldworkers arrived to rescue him. Meet this sweet boy and some of the other hundreds of animals helped recently, and learn how you can support this vital work.

How Many More Cubs Will Die Before Oswald’s Bear Ranch Shapes Up?

Oswald’s Bear Ranch didn’t rescue any bears in 2021. But the Michigan tourist trap did purchase cubs from animal dealers. Half of those cubs are now dead.

Victory! Big-Cat Cub-Petting Banned in Public Spaces in Quintana Roo, Mexico

Quintana Roo commissioners are leading the rest of the world by example by enacting laws that protect animals and keep abusive industries in check. Let’s persuade U.S. officials to pass the Big Cat Public Safety Act next!

Actor Jena Malone Saw a Dog Apparently Being Abused on a Street in Hollywood—She Took Swift Action, and You Can, Too

It’s essential to stop abuse if you can, no matter the species of the victim. PETA praises Jena Malone for joining other good Samaritans in taking action to ensure a dog’s safety—she made a difference, and so can you.

Another Slaughterhouse-Bound Truck Overturns: What Happens Next Is Sure to Make You Swear Off Pigs’ Flesh (Video)

These pigs’ screams and their terrifying last moments will motivate you to leave the flesh of pigs and all other animals off your plate.

Starbucks U.S. Is All Talk; Starbucks France Takes Action—Urge U.S. Stores to Drop the Vegan Milk Upcharge, Too

Starbucks France knows what’s up, and it’s not customers’ fees for Earth- and animal-friendly milk. For cows and the planet that we all share, urge Starbucks U.S. to do better, too.

History in the Making! Virginia Governor Signs 5 Beagle Protection Bills

We did it, thanks to PETA supporters like you! See how dogs and cats bred for laboratories, like the beagles at Envigo’s notorious factory farm, will be protected once these laws go into effect.

U.S. Senators ‘Horrified’ Over ‘Breadth and Depth of Mistreatment’ Occurring at Notorious Beagle Breeder

Virginia’s U.S. senators are demanding action following “persistent and egregious” abuse that led to distress, injury, and death in dogs and puppies at Envigo, a laboratory-supplying beagle-breeding factory farm.

Ruth, Rosie, and a Rescue to Remember (Video)

Ever since PETA released footage exposing a Jack Russell breeder for exploiting dogs, it’s been one victory after another. Now two of the dogs are at PETA’s shelter—will you be the one to give them the perfect home?

New Anti–Animal Testing Message to Cialis-Maker Eli Lilly Is Hard to Ignore

Eli Lilly is clinging to cruel, archaic near-drowning tests in which experimenters watch as animals struggle to keep their heads above water. PETA doesn’t think the Cialis manufacturer can keep it up much longer.

VICE Report: Animals Are ‘Dying at Alarming Rates’ in PetSmart Stores

“People going into PetSmart should know the company doesn’t view [companion animals] as animals,” one former, traumatized employee told VICE. “They view them as products.”

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