Ruth, Rosie, and a Rescue to Remember: Will You Be the One Who Gives Rosie the Loving Home All Dogs Deserve? (Video)

Published by Katherine Sullivan.

Update (May 6, 2022): After paying close attention to Ruth’s and Rosie’s behavior and needs, we separated them, and now both dogs are thriving. In fact, we’re thrilled to report that Ruth has found a loving home—now it’s Rosie’s turn!

rosie dog for adoption

Rosie adores other dogs and would do best in a home with another playmate. She’s goofy, inquisitive, and playful, and she loves her squeaky toys. Are you the one who will give her the home she deserves?

rosie dog for adoption

If you think you have what it takes to give Rosie the life she deserves,
e-mail [email protected].

Update (March 23, 2022): Last week, we told you about two dogs embarking on a journey to PETA’s Norfolk, Virginia, headquarters after being rescued from a Michigan breeding operation run by John D. Jones. Today, we have an exciting update: The two gals have arrived at our shelter! Now we’re in search of a very special family to welcome them into their home.

Ruth and Rosie, as our fieldworkers affectionately named them, are a bonded duo. At JRT John’s Jack Russell Terriers in Michigan, they were kept penned outside in the same cage. They’ve gone through so much together in their five or more years of life that separating them now is not an option.

From JRT to TLC—Rescued Jack Russell Dogs Ready for Adoption

PETA fieldworkers hold two dogs rescued from JRT John’s Jack Russell Terriers following an undercover investigation, which exposed how the breeding operation’s owner warehoused dogs outdoors in the freezing cold and mutilated puppies. Our field team dubbed the gals Ruth (left) and Rosie.

As a result of years of deprivation, Ruth and Rosie have had to start from scratch at learning to be dogs—everything is new to them, from walking on a leash and meeting humans to navigating doorways and riding in cars.

From JRT to TLC—Rescued Jack Russell Dogs Ready for Adoption

PETA fieldworkers take curious, playful Ruth (left) and Rosie for a walk—something they had not previously experienced.

These gals have made tremendous progress in the short time they’ve been with PETA. Thanks to the hardworking staff at the Cherryland Humane Society in Michigan, they experienced kindness for the first time and were able to rest their weary paws after being rescued. But these two still have a long way to go. Ruth and Rosie’s ideal new guardian will be prepared to meet their special needs—they need a committed and patient family who can help them conquer their fears, socialize, and enjoy life as all canine companions should.

The dogs are currently in Norfolk, but transport can be arranged. If you think you fit the bill, please send an e-mail to [email protected]!

And keep scrolling to learn how you can help ensure that dogs never again suffer at Jones’ hands anywhere in Michigan.

Originally published on March 18, 2022:

Remember JRT John’s Jack Russell Terriers, the Michigan breeding operation run by John D. Jones? How could you not! Ever since PETA published our undercover investigation—which showed that Jones warehoused dogs outdoors in the freezing cold and mutilated puppies—and held a four-day sit-in at the Missaukee County Sheriff’s Office, it’s been victory after victory for the dogs Jones once tormented and exploited. Now, following news of the 39 dogs’ rescue as well as the felony cruelty-to-animals and related charges filed against Jones, we have an exciting new development: Right at this very moment, two of the dogs who were rescued are on a very special road trip. Thanks to the good folks at the Cherryland Humane Society in Michigan, these two gals are headed straight to PETA’s shelter for more TLC and to prepare for life in a loving new home together.

A PETA fieldworker and a Cherryland Humane Society staffer prepare these two dogs—rescued from a Michigan puppy-breeding operation—for the trip of a lifetime.

While at JRT John’s Jack Russell Terriers, these two dogs were kept solely for breeding, with no comforts at all—isolated in a pen without beds, toys, or stimulation of any kind. They were confined outside on mud and exposed to the cold, rain, and snow—leaving them soaked and unable to get warm or even dry. During winter, their water froze nearly every day.

Before she was rescued and hit the road for PETA’s shelter, this dog was given only a few handfuls of new straw for the dilapidated doghouse she was forced to exist in—it was all the breeder would allow.

Denied companionship, exercise, and stimulation, these two girls and the other frantic terriers just ran around in circles, paced back and forth, and jumped up and down, clawing at the wire fencing in desperation. Their barking was deafeningly loud. This type of behavior was a heartbreaking attempt to cope with the frustration and stress of intensive confinement and deprivation—horrors that these two dogs, now safe in PETA’s care, will never have to face again.

PETA’s investigator never saw the breeder touch this dog or any of those who were housed outside. At the Cherryland Humane Society—and now on the road with PETA’s fieldworkers—this girl and her sister are receiving the gentle caresses that social animals like them need.

Once at PETA’s shelter, they’ll get much-needed rest, warmth, affection, and respect while we find them the perfect permanent home together. They’ll never again be used for breeding, watch helplessly as their puppies are taken from them and mutilated, or be kept in isolation. These long-suffering Jack Russell terriers will finally have the lives they always deserved.

Follow @PETA on Twitter and check back here for updates about these girls’ journey. Please also click below to help prevent more cruelty from being inflicted on dogs.

It’s up to the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development to oversee kennels—it’s expected to enforce bare minimum standards for dogs’ care. Please urge it to ensure that dogs never again suffer at Jones’ hands anywhere in Michigan.

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