URGENT: Help Keep These Animal Abusers Shut Down Post–COVID-19

Animal exploiters are nonessential—the coronavirus pandemic proves that the world can keep on turning without the torture and killing of animals.

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This Commercial Seal Slaughter Video Has Gone Viral—and Kind Stars Are Sharing It

These celebrities and influencers are just some of the millions of people who now know of the carnage that Canada’s government is allowing.

Take Action © Sea Shephard Conservation Society

8 Things You Need to Know About Canada’s Seal Slaughter

The Canadian sealing community is trying desperately to discredit the animal advocates who are speaking out against it. But the facts don’t lie.

Take Action © Sea Shephard Conservation Society

India Bans Seal Fur, Further Crushing Seal Slaughter

With practically no market left for seal fur and other seal-derived items, the Canadian seal slaughter’s days are numbered.

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Watch PETA’s ‘Seal’ Trail Justin Trudeau Through New York City

As the Canadian prime minister made his rounds, PETA’s “spokeseal” popped up everywhere he went.

Take Action Photo by Derek Pashupa Goodwin

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Striking, Checking, and Bleeding: Canada’s ‘Humane’ Seal-Slaughter Process

Canada’s three-step seal-slaughter process is anything but humane. Learn more about the country’s dirty little secret and find out how you can help save seals.

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Gillian Anderson to Justin Trudeau: End the Commercial Seal Slaughter

Actor and PETA supporter Gillian Anderson, who has filmed in Canada for more than 20 years, is urging the prime minister to call off the commercial seal slaughter.

Take Action Gillian Anderson | Gage Skidmore | CC BY-SA 2.0

Photos: PETA Members Pour Buckets of ‘Blood’ to Protest Seal Slaughter

PETA supporters drenched in fake blood create an arresting display in Canada’s capital as the commercial seal slaughter begins.

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Canada Is Losing Another Excuse Used to Defend Seal Slaughter

A Canadian scientist isn’t convinced that seals are hurting cod populations, as fishers—many of whom kill seals in their off-season—claim.

Take Action ©Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

‘Seal’ Makes a ‘Bloody’ Splash in Restaurant Protest

PETA calls on ‘Dine Out’ festivalgoers to skip Edible Canada’s seal-meat menu.

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Save 200 Animals Every Year by Going Vegan

Canada’s Annual Seal Slaughter Has Begun. Here’s How We Stop It.

© iStock.com/Marshall Bruce

The world is ready to see the seal slaughter end. And this is the year that we can make it happen.

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‘Seal’ Tells New Canadian Prime Minister It’s Time to Stop Clubbing

As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits the White House, he’s greeted by a “seal” who thinks he’s just the fellow to save the seals.

Take Action Photo by Leigh Vogel

Canadian Pamela Anderson Asks New Prime Minister to Help Her Save Seals

Pamela Anderson admires Canada’s Prime Minister for his progressive views on human rights issues and is calling on him to do something progressive for animals.

Take Action Photo by Sante D'Orazio

Morrissey Calls for Axed Minister of Fisheries to Be Literally Axed

After seal slaughter supporter Gail Shea was voted out of office, Morrissey sent her a heartfelt farewell message.

Take Action ©StarMaxInc.com

Top European Court Upholds Ban on Seal Imports

Despite another appeal, the EU ban is here to stay.

Take Action © Sea Shephard Conservation Society

PETA’s Milestones for Animals: 1980 to Now

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