Jennifer O'Connor

Jennifer O'Connor

Jen lives with her bulldog, Arthur, who was rescued from a Pennsylvania puppy mill. She enjoys reading, happy hours, and hot weather and is learning how to speak Spanish.

No Spoilers: You Must See ‘Chimp Crazy’ for Yourself!

If you were surprised to learn about tiger cub–breeding mills, just wait until you see how some people fetishize chimpanzees.

Poet, Dreamer, Animal Rights Advocate: Goodbye to Benjamin Zephaniah

Benjamin Zephaniah used his keen observations to make the world better for all animals, including humans.

Lolita’s Suffering Is Over

Let’s all honor Lolita by refusing to buy a ticket to any marine theme park and to continue to call for the development of coastal sanctuaries.

Richard Donner: An Orca’s Best Friend

The award-winning director leaves behind an impressive body of work for animals.

Tyson Managers Profiting From Workers’ Getting COVID-19?

As if slaughterhouses weren’t already inherently evil, Tyson just responded after management was caught betting money on how many workers would get COVID-19.

PETA Exposes This Cage-Free ‘Chicken Disneyland’ as Hell for Hens

The only thing this egg farm has in common with Disneyland is the severe crowding. A PETA eyewitness video reveals that cage-free hens are still miserable.

Lawsuit Prompts Delivery of Delicious Vegan Gift Baskets

Sham ham, soy cracklins, and other savory fare added to millions awarded in farm waste lawsuit.

Racetrack Ignores Risks, and Horse Dies

Horses aren’t meant to run on “frozen tundra.”

Crash-Prone Turkey Producer Pledges to Improve Accident-Response Plan

A North Carolina turkey producer promises to put measures in place to keep turkeys from suffering and dying slowly on the side of the road.

The Suffering Is Over at the Hawthorn Corporation!

No more animals will live and die in misery at the Hawthorn Corporation.

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The Proof Is in the Numbers: Animal Circuses Are on the Way Out

Circuses that exploit animals are well on their way to the dustbin of history.

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Who Are the Real-Life Counterparts of the ALF Heroes Seen in ‘Okja’?

The new film ‘Okja’ shines a light on underground animal rescuers.

Award-Winning Dogsledding Documentary Now on Prime Video

A new documentary shows how dogs who are forced to pull sleds live and die in abject misery.

Shouldn’t Animal-Protection Laws Protect All Animals?

An arbitrary decision means that captive members of 12 threatened and endangered primate species don’t share the same protections as their wild cousins.

Caring People Say ‘I Don’t’ to Renting Elephants for Weddings

Renting an elephant for your wedding is cruel and dangerous.

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