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Give the Animals Five: Alternatives to Animal Testing

Right this minute in laboratories across the U.S., rabbits are confined to stocks while chemicals eat away the soft skin on their backs, right down to the muscle and tissue beneath. After the chemical does its damage, the rabbits are killed-their lives snuffed out in misery for just one more meaningless number on a chart. The tests are completely unnecessary because there are now cheaper, faster, and better non-animal tests that can replace them.

PETA has identified five tests on animals that could be ended immediately without any threat to public health and safety. Through our Give the Animals 5 campaign, PETA is aggressively pressuring U.S. government agencies and companies to follow the example of their counterparts in Europe and Canada in order to spare countless animals from suffering and death in crude and outdated laboratory toxicity tests:

  • PETA has filed shareholder resolutions with more than 20 of the largest chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the world as a credible means of educating investors and senior executives regarding the plight of animals in laboratories and alternatives to animal testing.
  • With support from Members of Congress, PETA is pressuring the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration to turn their backs on animal testing once and for all.
  • PETA has written to the instructors of every undergraduate toxicology and pharmacology course in the U.S., providing them with copies of our Give the Animals 5 factsheet and scientific journal articles, and urging them to incorporate these materials into their course curriculum.