A Step-By-Step Guide to Introducing a Class Plant to Your Students

Teach compassion by helping students care for a class plant.

Animal-Free Classrooms? PETA’s Hopes for Education in the Age of COVID-19

This fall, PETA hopes students returning to the classroom will find one thing missing: animals. Here’s why we must reshape and rethink education.

Animals in Danger of Being Left Behind Amid COVID-19 School Closings

As students and teachers head home to avoid spreading the highly contagious coronavirus, classroom “pets” and other animals housed on campus may go weeks without care.

These Comments About Betta Fish in the Classroom Show Why They Should Never Be Used as Class ‘Pets’

Betta fish are sensitive, complex beings—not teaching tools or classroom props.

© iStock.com/NERYX
Empathy-Building Literacy Centers: Betta Fish Belong in the Wild

Bettas are beautiful and unique fish with brightly colored bodies and long, flowing fins. Like all fish, they want to be free, in their natural habitat.

Don’t Be Fooled by These ‘Humane Education’ Frauds

Humane education teaches students to value the lives of ALL animals—not just those commonly deemed worthy by society. But these frauds mislead teachers and their students.

Students Speak Up for Betta Fish: A Lesson in Citizenship and Social Justice

It’s easy to incorporate compassion for animals into your curriculum. Just take this kind teacher’s word for it!

Why Fish Make Sad Classroom ‘Pets’

A tank can never rival a fish’s natural habitat—and they don’t belong in your classroom.

Animal Companions
These Comments About Class ‘Pets’ Show That Animals Don’t Belong in a Classroom

There’s no excuse for putting an animal at risk.

FreeImages.com/Heilig Szabolcs
Compassionate Classroom Routines

Be prepared for whatever the school day throws at you with these kind practices.

Rabbits, Rodents, and Other Small Mammals Don’t Want to Be Your Class ‘Pets’

These animals suffer in the classroom. Here’s why.

How to Teach About Animals and Responsibility Without Class ‘Pets’

There are so many ways to teach students about responsibility and animal care WITHOUT keeping live animals in your classroom. Check out the alternatives!

The Dangers of Bringing Reptiles and Amphibians Into Your Classroom

Children becoming ill, animals suffering, and more. No kind teacher wants this.

Considering Doing a Chick-Hatching Project? Please Don’t.

For educational value, chick-hatching projects miss the mark. Here’s what to do if your school is planning one.

Animal Companions
Live Hermit Crabs’ Shells Crushed, Hundreds Dead at Pet Trade Supplier

Here’s yet another reason why hermit crabs should never be used as classroom “pets.”

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