Published by Michelle Feinberg.

Why opt for cruel and environmentally destructive clothing when you can just as easily … not? It’s a question more people are asking these days, as shoppers with moral standards good sense are searching specifically for vegan clothing and shoes—and retailers that don’t want to be left in the dust are delivering on these demands.

Considering ethics is now a crucial thing for fashion brands to do, as millennials and Gen Z consumers know that their choices matter. And what they’re looking for matters so much to retailers that they’re even putting the word “vegan” right into their items’ descriptions!

Even long-standing high-fashion designers who used to disregard animal abuse are realizing that cruelly produced clothing ain’t gonna cut it anymore, so they’re dropping fur and mohair in droves and opting instead for their faux counterparts. Entrepreneurs are coming out of the woodwork, too, to offer vegan clothing and shoes made from things like mushrooms, wood pulp, cork, recycled tires, bark cloth, and pineapple fibers. 🍍

Not only do today’s shoppers want ethically sourced fabrics, they’re also concerned about climate change, public health, and disease prevention. Naturally, animal rights, fair wages, and sustainability are all associated with a “vegan” label. 💁

The public has spoken: Compassion rules, cruelty drools.

This probably explains why these 75 top retailers are labeling their animal-free items “vegan.” Many even have website search functions that let shoppers filter out everything that’s not vegan:

*These websites have a “vegan” filter.

BTW, this list is in no way exhaustive. Society is shifting away from ideas rooted in speciesism, and as a result, the number of options for vegan clothing and shoes available from retailers is growing exponentially. This list is just a starting point for you to shop until you drop—or rather, shop vegan until all wool, fur, down, leather, mohair, angora, and silk items are dropped! 😊

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