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1,000 Ways to Replace Canada Goose and Other Animal Killers in Your Wardrobe

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PETA Business Friend NOIZE is officially the 1000th company to use the “PETA-Approved Vegan” (PAV) logo!

That means there are at least 1,000 ways to opt out of buying dead animals and start shopping vegan. In celebration of this landmark, here are 10 companies that can help you swap cruel, outdated products for improved vegan choices:

Instead of covering yourself with Canada Goose’s down from dead geese and fur from slaughtered coyotes, keep warm with NOIZE’s coats.

NOIZE faux fur lined coat

NOIZE is best known for its overcoats. Its products are high-quality, warm, fashionable, and—best of all—completely vegan. We’ve teamed up with the company to offer an exclusive 20 percent discount through its website when you use coupon code PETA.

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Canada Goose Kills T Shirt

Instead of paying UGG to skin sheep, try out the superior, chic vegan boots from BEARPAW.

A relatively new member of the PAV family, BEARPAW offers vegan versions of three great styles. From the microsuede uppers to the faux-fur linings, these popular and comfy, cozy shoes are completely animal-free.

Bearpaw Vegan Banner

Instead of buying shoes, handbags, and accessories made from dead animal parts, try shopping at the 100 percent vegan brand Call It Spring.

It offers men’s and women’s shoes, handbags, sunglasses, hats, and much, much more. Browse its online catalog today!

Instead of wearing a sweater made from goats who were beaten, mutilated, and killed for their mohair, cop a cruelty-free limited-edition sweater made by Sans.

This Seattle-based super-fly sweater company rocks the PAV logo proudly. It uses the best ingredients and progressive decoration techniques to craft quality garments.

Instead of wearing a tie made by boiling thousands of silkworms alive, endow your neck with a vegan tie crafted by Jaan J.

Longtime PETA Business Friend and winner of many awards from us, Jaan J. is known for making the hottest, most sophisticated ties and accessories around, including numerous PETA-branded ties.

Instead of wearing boots and sneakers made from leather drenched in environmentally hazardous chemicals, try on a unique pair of shoes from NAE.

This PETA Business Friend (whose name awesomely stands for “No Animal Exploitation”) offers everything from sandals to boots. It uses creative vegan materials such as recycled airbags, pineapple leather, and recycled tires to create durable, lasting vegan kicks. Look for the upcoming NAE x PETA collaboration, which will be a desert-style boot that sports the PETA logo.

Instead of wearing a handbag or purse made from skinned crocodiles or butchered ostriches, shop for a vegan bag of any style from Sans Beast.

A super-fashionable brand, it has made sure that vegan fashion accessories are here to stay.

Instead of wearing pieces of a dead cow around your wrist, accessorize with a watch from NOX-BRIDGE.

Not only are its watches cruelty-free and stylish, the vegan leather straps are also waterproof! This New Zealand–based company is 100 percent vegan and stylish.

Instead of wearing animals who spent their entire lives inside cramped cages before being horrifically killed for their fur, get dapper in an all-vegan fur coat from Pelush.

Another PETA Business Friend, it makes exquisite all-vegan fur coats. The owner, a staunch animal rights activist, has hosted all-vegan fashion shows that featured PETA videos exposing cruelty in the fur industry.

Instead of wearing flats and high heels made from abused animals, slip into a pair of creative kicks crafted by Rungg.

Yet another PETA Business Friend, it’s known for its artistic twist on fashionable shoes. You’ll be sure to turn heads when sporting these unique patterns.


Looking for more dashing vegan options that have earned PETA’s approval?

In the PETA Mall, you can discover a variety of compassionate companies that support our groundbreaking work. We make cruelty-free and vegan shopping fun, stylish, and easy!

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