Published by Katherine Sullivan.

Plainly put, chickens need their wings—humans don’t. This is why vegan chicken wings should be the only kind of “wings” enjoyed by humans. Thankfully, a few of our favorite vegan freezer-aisle brands offer quick and easy options for animal-free wings at home. So the next time you’re at Kroger, Aldi, Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, or any other grocery store, keep your eyes peeled for these:


From Beefless Tips to Fishless Filets, freezer-aisle staple Gardein never disappoints, and its vegan chicken wings are no exception. For a classic flavor, try the Sweet and Tangy Barbecue Wings.

For something that packs a little more of a punch (think tangy Korean sauce), serve up the brand’s Spicy Gochujang Style Chick’n Wings.

For comfort food, opt for Gardein’s Chipotle Georgia Style Chick’n Wings.

Field Roast Buffalo Wings

Field Roast’s variety of vegan Buffalo wings are best served with a side of celery and carrots and some vegan ranch. With a little bit of spice and a whole lot of flavor, trust us, these wings are a surefire crowd-pleaser.

MorningStar Farms Buffalo Wings

Vegan Buffalo wings are always a favorite, and MorningStar Farms’ option doesn’t disappoint. With 8 grams of fat and 13 grams of protein, you’re not just doing chickens a kindness—you’re doing your body one, too.

Be Leaf

Although not quite wings, Be Leaf’s vegan chicken drumsticks will satisfy any craving for vegan wings.

Clean South

Specializing in convenient vegan comfort food, Clean South offers two tantalizing vegan chicken wing options: Vegan Buffalo Wings and Vegan Honee BBQ Wings:

Buy your Clean South vegan wings online or in and around Los Angeles.


If you’re more of a from-scratch vegan chicken wings fan, consider making your own spicy Buffalo cauliflower wings at home. Use this simple recipe:

Every plate of vegan chicken wings needs a side of vegan ranch or vegan blue cheese for dipping, right? Consider making your own vegan ranch dressing or opting for one of the many store-bought vegan dressing options.

Vegan ‘Chicken’ for the Win

Whether it’s vegan chicken wings, vegan chicken nuggets, a vegan chicken sandwich, or any other vegan chicken grub, the brands above get it. While we wait for Hooters’ new vegetarian wings to nix the eggs and for Buffalo Wild Wings to get with the times, consider doing more to help sensitive, inquisitive chickens:

Take Action for Chickens Killed for Meat and Eggs