Freezer Aisle Finds: The Best Vegan Frozen Foods

Published by Danny Prater.

Vegan food is cool. In fact, the vegan options on this page are so cool that they’re totally frozen. In grocery stores and specialty health-food stores across the country, new vegan frozen food, including meals, snacks, desserts, and sides are popping up every day. That’s why we’ve put together this handy vegan guide to help you navigate the freezer aisle with compassion and confidence.

look for these frozen vegan foods at the grocery store

Check out all this vegan frozen food!


It’s easy to veganize the most important meal of the day. All these frozen breakfast items are vegan:


Don’t feel like having cereal this morning? Try one of these hearty breakfast bowls. Ready in minutes, they’ll keep you feeling full all morning.

We recommend Amy’s Tofu Scramble or Breakfast Scramble and Gardein’s Breakfast Bowls.

Breakfast Sandwiches

You don’t need a fast-food chain to grab a great breakfast sandwich. You can find delicious vegan breakfast sandwiches in grocery store freezer aisles. We like Gardein’s Breakfast Pockets and Sweet Earth’s Breakfast Sandwiches.

More Grab ‘n’ Go Frozen Breakfast Foods

Sausages and Veggie Bacon

Want to start your day with a protein boost? Try some vegan breakfast meats, such as Sweet Earth’s Benevolent Bacon or Tuscan Veggie Sausage, Lightlife’s Gimme Lean Veggie Sausage or Smart Bacon, and Simple Truth’s Meatless Breakfast Patties (sold at supermarkets owned by Kroger).

Looking for more options? Check out these handy guides:

Vegan Breakfast Sausage

Vegan Bacon Brands


Just pop some frozen waffles in the toaster and you’ll have a warm, comforting breakfast in minutes. A few brands are crushing it with terrific vegan waffles. Check out options from Van’s, Kashi, and Nature’s Path.

vegan frozen food: van's gluten-free waffles

See a Full List: Vegan Waffles & Pancakes

Wraps and Burritos

You’re on a roll today. Start your morning off right with a tempting breakfast burrito, such as Sweet Earth’s Big Sur Breakfast Burrito or Amy’s Breakfast Burrito.

vegan frozen food: amy's breakfast burrito

Lunch and Dinner

Asian-Inspired Cuisine

In the freezer section, you might be able to find some Asian-inspired vegan side dishes. We recommend Annie Chun’s Shiitake & Vegetable Potstickers, Healthy Choice Asian Potstickers, or Spring Rolls from Lucky Foods (gluten-free options available).

Be sure to check the ingredients if you’re not familiar with the brand or product you’re buying.


Vegan burgers are everywhere! While some brands, such as Beyond Meat’s The Beyond Burger, may appear in refrigerated meat cases instead of the freezer aisle, there are still plenty of frozen options. Remember: Not all “veggie” burgers contain only veggies—some have dairy or eggs. That’s why we like Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Burgers, Gardein’s Chipotle Black Bean Sliders and Beefless Burger, Sweet Earth’s Veggie Burgers, and Boca’s Original Turk’y Veggie Burgers, just to name a few.

Vegan Burger Brands at the Grocery Store

Burritos, Empanadas, Tamales, and Taquitos

In the freezer aisle, you can find an array of savory Mexican-inspired vegan options. Brands such as Alpha Foods, Amy’s, and Daiya all offer vegan burritos, and Sweet Earth even carries vegan tamales, quesadillas, and empanadas.

Some stores specializing in health foods or natural products, including Whole Foods, Lassens, and Sprouts, carry even more options from StarLite Cuisine. This all-vegan brand makes 10 different Mexican-inspired products, seven of which are gluten-free.

The Best Frozen Vegan Burritos

Chicken-Free Nuggets

Well-known brands Gardein and Boca offer vegan nuggets. Some store-specific brands, including Whole Foods’ 365 Everyday Value and Kroger’s Simple Truth line, also produce chicken-free tenders.

See Even More Vegan Nuggets

Frozen Vegan Microwaveable Meals 

Traditional television may be dying, but the “TV dinner” is alive and well in the era of streaming services, thanks to great new vegan options. Look for meals from brands such as Sweet Earth, Amy’s, and Kashi in your grocery store’s freezer aisle.

Guide to Vegan Microwaveable Meals

Pizzas and Pasta

It’s not delivery or dead animals! Brands including Daiya and Amy’s Kitchen produce frozen pizzas with vegan cheese (or no cheese) and an array of tempting plant-based toppings.

a product shot of Daiya Supreme pizza box

Rising Moon makes four frozen varieties of stuffed vegan pasta. (Be sure to check for the “Certified Vegan” stamp near the bar code, as not all varieties are vegan.)

Try These Frozen Vegan Pizzas

Vegan Seafood

Our oceans are in trouble, and leaving fish off your plate is the single most significant action you can take to help. Thankfully, lots of grocery stores now carry delicious vegan seafood products. We love Gardein’s Golden Fishless Filets and Crabless Cakes as well as Quorn’s Fishless Sticks.

Vegan Seafood Products Sold in Stores


Ice Cream

With so many brands making vegan ice cream, your local grocery store’s freezer aisle may have an entire case dedicated to dairy-free options. These days, flavors made with soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk, and more are sold in many popular supermarket chains across the country.

Look for options from Ben & Jerry’s, Häagen-Dazs, and Halo Top. For a full list of options, check out this guide:

Vegan Ice Cream Flavors and Brands

Frozen Pies and Cakes

Many brands of frozen fruit pies are what we like to call “accidentally vegan”—meaning that, even though they aren’t marketed or packaged as vegan, they happen to include only plant-derived ingredients—and you may be able to find them at your local grocery store.

vegan frozen food: claim jumper pies

Brands such as Claim Jumper and Marie Callender’s offer a few vegan pie options—just be sure to steer toward the standard fruit-filled pies and away from ones made with milk chocolate, whipped cream, or special crumb toppings. If pie isn’t your thing, well-known vegan company Daiya also makes frozen vegan Cheezecakes. For a full list of vegan-friendly options, click the button below:

Guide: Frozen Vegan Pies

Produce and Other Staples

Do you have trouble finishing fresh produce before it goes bad? Grabbing a bag of frozen fruit or veggies is an easy way to prevent food waste. You can add frozen fruits and greens to tons of recipes or toss them into a blender to make a smoothie.

Most grocery stores also carry an array of frozen potato products, including French fries and tater tots. Check the ingredients and allergen statement, as some products may be seasoned or prepared with animal-derived “ingredients.” If the product you’ve grabbed contains milk, eggs, or animal fat, leave it on the shelf.

vegan frozen food: french fries

The options above are just a small sampling of the frozen vegan products available today. New ones are debuting every day. Note that some grocery chains, including Aldi and Trader Joe’s, have so many unique vegan options that we’ve created standalone guides to make shopping at those locations easier.

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