Vegan Chicken Sandwiches

Popeyes Who? Try These Vegan Chicken Sandwich Options Today

Forget Popeyes and Chick-fil-A—the best “chicken” sandwich is a delicious one for which no one had to die. Expand beyond those basic, boring options and try something vegan! Lucky for y’all, we have some of the best vegan chicken sandwiches right here in a handy dandy list:

Charlie’s Chicken Sandwich From Monty’s Good Burger

Los Angeles

This simple sandwich features a crispy breaded vegan chicken patty, Follow Your Heart Vegenaise, and house-made pickles on an artisan bun.

Wendy’s Pickle From Green New American Vegetarian


Green New American Vegetarian always holds it down with its staple “chicken” sandwich, the Wendy’s Pickle. But in light of the “great” chicken sandwich debate of 2019, the Phoenix-based restaurant proved that the throats of no sensitive, feeling animals should be slit for someone’s lunch.

OG Sando From Lettuce Feast

Los Angeles

Carrying the title of “OG,” you know this sandwich is legit. The “honey” mustard sauce is to die for, but thankfully, no chickens had to die for this.

Chik’N Head From Slutty Vegan


Slutty Vegan sandwiches ring bells throughout Atlanta and beyond. Topped with pickles, vegan ranch, and coleslaw on a Hawaiian bun, this sandwich leaves customers cursing out in enjoyment.

Buffalo Bomber From Veggie Grill by Next Level

Multiple locations

Any style of “chicken” sandwich from Veggie Grill is delicious, but the Buffalo Bomber is the best. The staple chain mixes just the right amount of spice with the cool flavor of ranch in between a brioche bun.

Chicken, Bacon, & Avo Club From Native Foods

Multiple locations

Save pigs and chickens by ordering this crispy vegan chicken sandwich topped with crispy, smoky pig-free bacon.

Crispy Chik’n Burger From Next Level Burger

Multiple locations

This classically built “chicken” sandwich will delight you without breaking the bank. Check it out at any of the numerous Next Level Burger locations.

Buffalo Bleu Chick-n Sandwich From The Cider Press Café

St. Petersburg, Florida

Cider Press mixes fine dining with a casual experience. Leave your taste buds black and blue after taking a delicious beating from this mouthwatering sandwich.

Vegan Buffalo Melt From Peterson Bros. 1111

Tacoma, Washington

“I refuse to believe this is vegan”—this is an actual quote from a flesh-eater while chowing down on this spicy sandwich. Trust us, soy curls will change your whole life.

The Greenbelt From Flyrite Chicken

Austin, Texas

Is this a burger or a chicken sandwich? Try not to dwell on the details and just enjoy this sandwich, which is topped with gooey vegan cheddar cheese, crispy onion strings, and a house-made spicy barbecue sauce.

Buffalo Crispy Chick’n Sandwich From Garden Grill

Las Vegas

Garden Grill opened a brick-and-mortar location in Vegas after being a pop-up for years. If this jaw-dropping buffalo sandwich is any indication, it’ll be around for a long time to come!

Fried Chick Sandwich From Vege-licious Cafe

Nashville, Tennessee

Vege-licious’ sandwich is probably the only mention on our list that may require a fork. But who are we to argue with over 20 years of foodie expertise? Just check your face for Vegenaise or ranch dressing.

Do you feel like creating your own chicken sandwich masterpiece?

Vegan Hot Chicken Recipe From Veganosity

Veganosity’s recipe calls for making delicious seitan right at home. This sweet-and-spicy sandwich is sure to satisfy! Get the full recipe here.

Cajun ‘Chicken’ From Atlas Monroe

There’s a reason why Atlas Monroe’s vegan fried chicken (and really, any other food it produces) is always on backorder—it’s that darn good! We hope Atlas restocks soon so that we can have crispy, juicy vegan fried chicken delivered right to our doorstep.

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