‘Dolphin Therapy’ Is High-Priced Exploitation of Animals and Humans

“Visitors go home facing the same challenges, but with less money in their pockets, and the exploited dolphins continue to suffer in cramped concrete tanks.”

I Saw Something. I Said Something.

While working on the set of a film called “Crazy Alien,” I saw something that will stay with me forever. Here’s why you, too, should speak up.

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Cruelty to Animals Is a Red Flag for Future Violence

“I fear that my 14-year-old son will be a victim of gun violence…if acts of cruelty to animals are not addressed.” – PETA EVP Tracy Reiman

Gillian Anderson Embraces Naked Activism on International Women’s Day

The actor explains her bold choices as a feminist and animal rights advocate.

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A Year After Blackout, Still No Data on AWA Enforcement

We’re still in the dark about how the USDA is enforcing our nation’s most important animal protection law.

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Museums Are Not Circus Freak Shows

The Guggenheim Museum’s animal torture exhibit is not art—it’s an outrageous promotion of animal cruelty, and here’s Ingrid Newkirk to explain why.

One Way We Can Reduce Real Violence

How to show compassion for all beings regardless of race, religion, gender, or species, by aspiring to achieve “peace in our dinnertime.”

Animal Companions
Heatstroke and Neglect Killed This Pit Bull—but There’s Still Time to Save Others

A chained pit bull in Gatesville, North Carolina, died after being left in the heat. PETA is urging local authorities to protect other animals from similar neglect.

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The Curtain Comes Down on Ringling

It may come as a surprise to most people that PETA loves the circus.

Living the Slug Life

For the love of Foo Foo, show some love to slugs and bugs this fall.

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Opinion: Too Many Schools Are Still Flunking Lunch

The school cafeteria’s mystery meat isn’t just gross—it puts kids at risk for serious health problems.

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Opinion: This Election Season, Let’s Cut the Pork

Blue or red, all Americans should agree on this one issue.

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Opinion: Zika Response Should Not Include Animal Experiments

As scientists try to stop the spread of the Zika virus, they must embrace humane, relevant research methods, not archaic experiments on animals.

A Flamingo Is Dead After a Man Allegedly Attacked Her at Busch Gardens

We can no longer be surprised when captivity ends in death. Pinky is just the latest victim.

This Father’s Day, Get Hooked on Compassion, not Fishing

There are plenty of opportunities for fathers and their children to bond that don’t involve killing animals.

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