Don’t Be Fooled by the Name—Why ‘Animal Haven’ Zoo Is a Hellhole

After receiving a tip from PETA, the feds cited Animal Haven Zoo in Wisconsin for several violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. Here’s what they found.

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Dangerous, Hands-On Encounters; Customers Bitten by Big Cats: PETA Exposes Zoological Wildlife Foundation

At least three humans have been bitten by dangerous wild animals at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation. Here’s why you should stay away from there.

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Feds Crack Down on Roadside Zoos After PETA Blows Whistle on Baby Exotic-Cat Abuse

Exotic-cat cubs are torn away from their mothers to be used for photo ops when they’re just hours, days, or weeks old. You can help these animals.

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Lion-Killing Physical Therapist From Missouri Lured Mopane From Hwange Park Using an Elephant Carcass (Report)

In a murder hauntingly similar to Cecil’s, a Missouri physical therapist reportedly paid to lure Mopane from Hwange Park using an elephant carcass then maim and kill the beloved lion.

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Club Med Makes Clean Getaway From ABUSEment Parks

After working with PETA France, Club Med is joining a growing list of companies adopting stronger animal welfare policies by refusing to promote marine parks, bullfights, elephant rides, tiger-cub encounters, and more.

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Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

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Feds Bust ‘Walnut Prairie Wildside’ After Push From PETA

Following PETA complaints, the feds cited Walnut Prairie Wildside’s owner, Thomas Edmonds, for numerous animal welfare violations, leading to a 21-day license suspension.

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Animal Exhibitor Electroshocks Young Tiger on Camera; Feds Let It Slide (Video)

No one deserves to be shocked or threatened with an electric prod, dragged by a leash, yelled at, or pinned to the floor under an abuser’s feet.

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PETA Joins Groups Petitioning to Close Loophole Allowing Canada Lynxes to Be Exploited

The Canada lynx is a threatened species, but a “special rule” deprives them of the protections of the Endangered Species Act. PETA and other groups are petitioning to close the loophole.

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PETA Confirms Bald Tiger Trapped at Waccatee Zoo Has Died

Lila, a tiger who had lost almost all her fur while trapped at South Carolina’s notorious Waccatee Zoo, has died. PETA wants answers.

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‘Doc’ Antle Calls Nat Geo Reporter ‘Al-Qaeda to the Max’

Years after “Doc” Antle shipped tigers to Thailand’s decrepit Samutprakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo, he gave Nat Geo his own twisted story about the facility.

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40 Years, 40 Wins—How PETA Helped Animals in Circuses and Roadside Zoos

For PETA’s 40th anniversary, join us in celebrating 40 major ways we’ve helped animals exploited by circuses and roadside zoos over the past four decades.

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These Folks Learned the Hard Way: Big Cats Are Dangerous Predators

Never support any venue that allows tourists to interact with tigers, leopards, or other big cats. Here’s how ones that do put everyone involved at risk.

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‘Doc’ Antle From ‘Tiger King’ Was Just Charged With Two Felonies

“Doc” Antle was recently charged with two felony counts related to wildlife trafficking and 13 misdemeanors, including for cruelty to animals.

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Feds Come for Shoddy Tiger Exploiter After PETA Tips Them Off

Confining tigers to small trailers, hauling them all over, and exploiting them for photo ops isn’t entertaining. So why is anyone still doing business with All Things Wild?

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A Fresh Start: PETA Rescues Nala, Siblings From ‘Tiger King’ Hellhole

PETA just rescued three juvenile lions from Jeff Lowe’s G.W. Park—and we’re not done coming for the “Tiger King” villain and his animal-exploiting associates.

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