Disney Sends McDonald’s Packing

@cdharrison/cc by 2.0 There’s no room for McCruelty in the happiest place on Earth. Disney World told McDonald’s to go take a hike in the Hundred Acre Wood and not come back, replacing the Golden Arches with …wait for it … BabyCakes vegan cupcakes! Disney World is apparently seeking more wholesome food options for families, … Read more »

Young and Old Call for an End to McCruelty

Scores of citizens lined the streets of Los Angeles’ Hollywood Boulevard on Saturday to urge passersby to boycott McDonald’s until it requires its suppliers to adopt an improved chicken-slaughter method. Among the 70 or so people who joined PETA in protesting McDonald’s cruelty were teens and senior citizens, families and couples, and even a few dogs. … Read more »

Joan Jett Takes On McCruelty’s CEO …

When I read that Joan Jett jumped on a car hood to join PETA’s protest outside the Waldorf Astoria, where McDonald’s Jim Skinner was to receive a “Distinguished CEO” award (?!) last night, I started applauding. Sure, Jim Skinner is “distinguished”—from anyone with an ounce of compassion and a kernel of common sense, that is. … Read more »

Is McDonald’s Hatin’ It?

OK, we don’t have the powers of The Shadow to let us know what evil lurks in the heart of Ronald McDonald, but some recent stories shed some light on who McDonald’s might be hatin‘. 1.      Its Employees The manager of a McDonald’s in Brazil had to take the company to court to win compensation … Read more »

Little Nuggets vs. McCruelty in Big Apple

It wasn’t your average Chicken Dance: A pink stretch Mini Cooper delivered a troupe of little people dressed as dancing chickens to a PETA protest outside a McDonald’s in New York’s Times Square yesterday afternoon. “I Am Not a Nugget!” declared each of the little “chickens” with signs and dance. The “chickens” paraded in front of the … Read more »

Internet Soup

It’s so hot in the city, you’d think I’d be making another batch of lemonade—but I’ve got a hankering for some Internet Soup. It’s been a while since the last batch, so dig in! Scientists know that pigs prefer a life like Arnold Ziffel’s—full of Green Acres and some “luxuries” … … but this pug … Read more »

Chrissie Hynde Is ‘hatin’ it’ Across America

The Pretenders’ world tour landed in Salt Lake City on Sunday—and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Chrissie Hynde was happy to use the occasion to launch her PETA campaign urging McDonald’s to require its suppliers to upgrade to less cruel slaughter methods. In addition to using her stage as a platform to advocate a … Read more »

Moby vs. Al Gore

livesets.nu / CC I got my first vegan pancake recipe from Moby when his berry flapjacks were featured way back when in Seventeen magazine. He could have stopped there, but it seems like Moby keeps coming up with ways to win my animal-loving heart. In a recent blog entry, Moby goes the extra mile for … Read more »

Unhappy Meals Now at McDonalds, Courtesy of PETA

The adorable peta2 mascot, Not a Nugget, is out to educate people about an issue that is near and dear to his heart: the abuse of chickens killed for McDonald’s Happy Meals. To alert young and old alike to the suffering that goes into every McNugget, Not a Nugget is embarking on a tour of … Read more »

Jerry Stiller on SeaWorld

harrywalker / CC “Would you go to see a brilliant actor who’s been framed for something that he didn’t do, and put him on a stage and say he’s going to do Hamlet for you, and why don’t you enjoy it? That’s a hell of an analogy, but it’s about the same thing.” That’s what … Read more »

Lisa Marie Presley to Animal Exhibitor: ‘Don’t Be Cruel’

celebritysmackblog / CC Elvis swiveled his hips to that hit single decades ago, and today his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, is singing a similar tune in behalf of a baby chimpanzee who is named after her. An anonymous whistleblower at an Illinois Park District contacted PETA after witnessing the owners of Ed and Annette’s Monkeys … Read more »

Animal Testing Breaks Hearts

Here’s your first look at PETA’s newest campaign: “Animal Testing Breaks Hearts.” We first launched “Animal Testing Breaks Hearts” as a youth-oriented peta2 campaign, but the reaction from everyone, regardless of age, was “Awww!” So below are pictures of our first “Big PETA” “Animal Testing Breaks Hearts” campaign event. We promise more to come. So … Read more »

Tigers and Chickens and Seals–Oh My!

It’s been a busy, busy week here at PETA. With so many different campaigns in full swing, we’ve had people out on the streets protesting the circus, and McDonald’s, and the seal slaughter, and … phew. Why don’t you just check out the pictures?   Me-yow! At a recent “Unhappy Meal” giveaway, the staff of … Read more »

Hungry Motorists Drive by–Not Through–Golden Arches

Members of the lunch crowd at a McDonald’s in Providence, Rhode Island, probably weren’t expecting to be greeted by a giant “chicken” bearing “Unhappy Meals” when they headed out on their lunch breaks. But hardly anyone could resist the lure of our chicken, and word is that almost every driver stopped to talk with the … Read more »

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