Animals Towering Over McDonald’s Exclaim, ‘Eating Us Got You Into This Mess’

Upset over rising numbers of COVID-19 cases and mandatory masks? With a towering billboard, PETA reminds people that eating animals got us into this mess.

Here’s Why Cows Hate Humans Who Eat Cheese

We’re not here to split hairs. But for defensive cheese-eaters out there, you should know that the cheese industry is actually worse than the beef industry.

Exposé Finds Cows Shocked, Hung to Bleed Out at McDonald’s Supplier

After the footage was leaked to the media, the slaughterhouse shut down operations—and an investigation is now underway.


Help stop McDonald’s cruelty now!

McDonald’s Finally Agrees to Use Less Cruel Slaughter Method … in 2024

PETA’s McCruelty campaign ambassador, Chrissie Hynde, says the move “will help reduce some horrific suffering” but urges the company to do more.

Another Reason to Avoid McDonald’s: Worms in Filet-O-Fish?

Do you—somehow—still need a reason to stop eating McDonald’s food? Here’s a particularly unappetizing reason why one Michigan woman has.

Why You Should Never Eat at McDonald’s

McDonald’s has been losing profits and even closed hundreds of stores in recent years—which makes sense considering more people than ever are learning that the chain exploits millions of animals each year.

There’s Nothing Super About Nintendo’s Super Mario Happy Meal Toys

PETA urges the video-game company to stick to what it’s good at after it announced that Super Mario toys will be included in Happy Meals.

5 Facts About McDonald’s That Didn’t Make It Into ‘The Founder’

The new film about the chain’s founder explains why McDonald’s doesn’t deserve a break—today or any day.

‘Chickens’ Gang up on Creepy Clown

A band of vigilante “chickens” goes after a killer clown responsible for the deaths of billions of animals.

Jiminy Glick Interviews ‘Ronald McDonald’

Check out “Ronald McDonald” talking about killing chickens and the cruelty behind Unhappy Meals, during an interview with the legendary Jiminy Glick.

Fast-Food Protesters Did Not See This Coming (Photo)

PETA joins fast-food workers’ day-of-action protest in typical flamboyant style.

Photo of the Day: McDonald’s Crappy Advertising Idea

A McDonald’s patron snaps a photo of a marketing gimmick gone horribly right.

Photo of the Day: I’m Leavin’ It

An alert reader spotted this image on Facebook, and we just had to share it.

Hollywood Declares Joan Jett Day—Help Us Celebrate!

Among those of us who love her for her talent, her compassion, and her kick-ass ‘tude, Jett’s reputation couldn’t be better.

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