Paula Moore

Paula Moore

Paula is an associate editor of PETA Global magazine. She has spoken up for animals in The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, BUST magazine, and many other publications. When Paula isn’t writing for PETA, she volunteers for Friends of the Portsmouth Public Library in Virginia. She enjoys reading, watching movies, thrifting, and doting on her deaf cat, Desi, whom PETA rescued from a hoarder.

Thinking About Going Fishing With Dad on Father’s Day? Think Again.

Fish feel pain, too! And if your family usually celebrates Father’s Day by accompanying Dad to the local fishing hole, this will help you start a kinder tradition.

Michael Kors Bans Fur

Fur-bearing animals are getting an early holiday gift, courtesy of Michael Kors.

Run, Kelly, Run! Elephant Makes a Bid for Freedom

Another elephant exploited by the circus industry tries to flee from a life of chains.

‘MUTTS’ Cartoonist Teams Up With Lauded Poet to Celebrate All Animals

If you resolved to live more mindfully this year, the charming new book by ‘MUTTS’ creator Patrick McDonnell is a must-read.

How PETA Is Using Emerging Technology to Cultivate Empathy for Animals

At a virtual reality conference, PETA discusses and demonstrates its high-tech, unique projects to help people become more empathetic.

Drop the Flyswatter: Insects Are Conscious

A new study suggesting that insects are conscious shows why we should always err on the side of compassion.

New South Wales Parliament Urges Australian Farmers to End Mulesing Mutilation

PETA entities worldwide have been warning consumers about wool industry cruelty for years. Now, we’re a step closer to ending barbaric mulesing.

ING’s New Policy Signals That Animal Exploitation Is Bad Business

Banking conglomerate ING nets a PETA prize for recognizing that industries that exploit animals are a bad investment.

PETA Sting Leads to Conviction for Baby-Turtle Peddler

A tip from PETA leads to the conviction of a Virginia man illegally selling wild-caught baby turtles.

Orcas Need a Sanctuary, and SeaWorld Needs a Dictionary

SeaWorld continues to perfect the art of doublespeak with its mythical “sea cages.”

Medical Journal Rejects All Studies Involving Animal Experimentation

A leading medical journal explains why publishing findings from experiments on animals is misleading, a hindrance to progress, and “unethical.”

Does Dissection Teach Kids to ‘Devalue Life’?

Noting controversial video footage showing students in Oklahoma dancing with cat corpses, Miami–Dade County schools have banned cat dissections.

Are Meat-Eaters More Likely To Be Racists?

Your thoughts about marriage equality and racial justice could be linked to your affinity for steaks and sausages

Practice Radical Compassion: Be Kind to Cockroaches

For several days earlier this month, I lived with an alarmingly large cockroach inside my utility room.

Flag-Painted PETA Supporters Protest Globally Condemned Seal Slaughter

With Canada’s seal slaughter just days away, flag-painted PETA supporters show global opposition to wearing seal fur outside the Canadian Embassy in D.C.

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