Attempting to live in harmony with the Earth and others, Clover found their way to PETA’s content team to write in solidarity with and for the liberation of all sentient beings. They spend their free time cuddling with their cats, composing music, and learning about the natural world.

PETA Latino Came Out in Full Force for Animals in 2023

PETA Latino grilled a “dog,” “trapped” an actor, and flew to the Vatican this year. See where else our protests took us in 2023.

Texas County Votes Down Monkey Prison: Will the State, Feds Follow?

As it turns out, nobody really wants a biological time bomb in their backyard. Will state and federal authorities respect the county’s resolution?

PETA Demands Answers About Horse’s Condition After Injury on Breeders’ Cup Day

After sustaining a serious injury on day one of the Breeders’ Cup, there has been no word on how Bus Buzz’s surgery went. What are they keeping from us?

PETA Helps Barbie and Ken Get Busy for Animals

During their adventure on the big screen, help Barbie and Ken find new, animal-friendly callings. Get PETA’s exclusive unofficial accessories for your dolls today!

Red Flags (and False Alarms) You May See at Roadside Zoos

What should you do if you see a primate housed alone? How do you know if an animal’s hair loss is natural or from a lack of care? PETA’s got you covered with this short guide to identifying red flags you may see at roadside zoos.

SeaQuest Folsom Keeps Failing Animals: Feds Slam It With More Citations

Seedy SeaQuest Folsom failed animals again?! Find out why the feds slapped it with four more citations and what you can do.

Whatever Your Florida Plans Are, Don’t Swim With Manatees!

A swim with manatees isn’t sustainable ecotourism—it’s an industry that harms them every day of the year. Learn why you shouldn’t hit the water with these sentient beings.

Nakai’s Necropsy Shows Several Chronic Conditions Linked to Stress

After being kept in a barren tank for 21 years, Nakai died at SeaWorld without ever swimming in the ocean. His body tells us what life was really like there.

Federal Court Upholds Unconstitutionality of North Carolina Ag-Gag Law as Applied to PETA

Power to the people! Learn what makes North Carolina’s agribusiness industry so ugly: The state tried to PUNISH truth-tellers.

The USDA Is Asking for Public Comments After PETA Petition Demands Stronger Regulations

Learn how the USDA may strengthen its regulations for the care of wild animals.

USDA: Remove Suffering Animals From Craig Kokas’ Hellhole Facility

Open wounds, dry water bowls, piles of feces, and major surgeries without proper anesthesia: The animals at Craig Kokas’ breeding facility need urgent intervention.

‘EMPTY THE TANKS’: Praxis Hits Miami With Seaquarium in Sight

Praxis put a fresh coat of paint on Miami to raise awareness of the dolphins held prisoner at the Miami Seaquarium, who were starved to the point of emaciation.

USDA: Revoke the License of Vile Anderson & Girls Orchards NOW!

Anderson & Girls Orchards has had more than enough chances to clean up its act. Now we’re calling on the USDA to step in and revoke its exhibitor license.

‘Reject Speciesism’ License Plate Now Available From New York DMV

The new plate design reads, “Respect All Animals” and “Reject Speciesism.” Get yours today!

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