Ribbit—er, Wrap-Up—of TeachKind Science’s 2023 Humane Dissection Pilot

Have you ever wondered if biology lessons could be more compassionate? Last school year brought the gift of humane dissection through TeachKind Science’s pilot program. TeachKind Science’s mission is to help schools replace archaic animal dissection with superior, modern, humane, and more educational interactive methods. Prepare to hop through the 2023 dissection pilot’s highlights and get excited for next year!

students starting to dissect a SynFrog as provided by TeachKind Science's 2023 dissection pilot program

Peek Inside TeachKind’s 2023 Dissection Program

Animal dissection is cruel, unnecessary, and messy. Humane educators at all levels are replacing animals with modern methods like SynFrog and eMind.

The TeachKind Science dissection pilot program is a direct replacement program that provides teachers and schools with humane, animal-free dissection materials that don’t require cutting into animals or school budgets. Participants are required to use only the materials provided and agree not to purchase any animals to dissect. Teachers must also complete satisfaction surveys and have their students do the same.

student's hands dissecting a SynFrog in a pan

The 2022–23 pilot program officially launched in August 2022. By the end of the school year (June 2023), a total of 30 schools in 14 states were participating. TeachKind provided 881 SynFrogs, 164 “pucks” (replacement organs from SynFrog’s manufacturer, SynDaver), and eight annual subscriptions to eMind dissection software.

TeachKind's framed 'Compassionate Science Educator' plaque with accompanying letter of recognition and boxed chocolates in the shapes of frogs

Participating teachers received a framed certificate, vegan chocolate frogs, and a thank-you note from TeachKind Science upon completion of the program. Everyone involved helps end speciesism and takes an educated stand for living, feeling animals, who shouldn’t be used for dissection.

Spotted frog pokes out of grass

Participants in Teachkind’s 2023 Dissection Program Speak Up

Check out what some participating teachers had to say:

I was able to cover so much more material for review and all the systems with the virtual pig. I really liked that I could assign them system by system and the visuals were so clear and the videos so concise. I would like to purchase licenses for next year.

—B.G., Richmond Heights, Ohio

Thank you so much for the opportunity. My students loved it. They were so realistic.

—M.F., Valley Cottage, New York

students around a table dissecting SynFrogs as part of TeachKind Science's 2023 humane dissection pilot program

They are here! The kids think they are so cool. Our theater kids in particular have been remarking on how realistic they are. Thanks again!

—E.B., St. Louis, Missouri

THANK YOU and everyone at PETA who helped get the Synfrogs to us! The kids LOVED the experience and so did our principal! The kids found the experience amazing and did a great job locating the major abdominal and thoracic organs and learning about anatomy. I am very grateful to you and PETA for your support and for helping us shed light on ways to be more humane in education.

—A.R., Crestview, Florida

students measuring a SynFrog in a science class

I prefer it much more! As a teacher, I prefer to keep my personal beliefs out of the classroom but with the synthetic organism it allows for a teachable moment. I am able to go over why using real animals is inhumane and how we can change it. So, again thank you so much for this opportunity.

—K.A., Oro Grande, California

OMG … I can’t wait to use these. I am demoing with my department members Friday to show them what they are missing out on!!!!!!! Thanks so much!!

—P.K., Pine Bluff, Arkansas

PETA's 'Twenty Twenty-We' ad that also says 'Make 2023 the beginning of the end for human supremacy.'

How to Get Involved

Whether you participated in our 2023 dissection pilot program or not, TeachKind is inviting you to sign up to take part in this exciting program for the coming school year. Hop in with compassion by clicking the button below:

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