Help Your Students Opt Out of Animal Dissection!

Have you ever heard of dissection-choice policies? They help compassionate students opt out of dissecting animals—see if there’s one where you live!

The Silver Spring Monkeys: The Case That Made History for Animals (Grades 9–12)

In this nonfiction reading comprehension worksheet from TeachKind, students in grades 9–12 learn about the groundbreaking Silver Spring monkeys case, including key vocabulary, and answer substantive questions.

Animal-Free Heart Dissection Activities

Give your students the best experience for learning heart anatomy without using animal heart dissections. Here’s how!

Animals Aren’t Natural Resources, They Use Them! A New Activity From TeachKind

TeachKind’s new natural resources lesson has a compassionate, animal-friendly twist and teaches students that sentient beings aren’t natural resources.

Calling All Podcast Lovers! Check Out These TeachKind Episodes on the PETA Podcast!

We know teachers and homeschooling parents are busy. Sometimes you just don’t have time to sit and read about the latest and greatest topics in education. That’s why TeachKind and TeachKind Science joined the PETA Podcast to provide fun and exciting episodes that bring important education topics to you for your multitasking listening pleasure! In … Read more »

PETA Docuseries ‘The Failed Experiment’ Is a Surefire Attention-Grabber

PETA’s docuseries “The Failed Experiment” will capture students’ attention and prove to be a valuable teacher resource for exploring the topic of animal testing.

Edible Eyeball Diorama: A Fun, Humane Eyeball Dissection Activity

Dissecting animals’ eyeballs in the classroom is gross, unethical, and easily replaced with this fun, humane, and edible eyeball dissection option!

This ‘Frog’ Made a Big Splash on Instagram—What’s the Buzz About?

How can your classroom get a cutting-edge invention that’s preventing animals from being killed and cut apart? Find out by watching this video.

Ribbit—er, Wrap-Up—of TeachKind Science’s 2023 Humane Dissection Pilot

Get a glimpse into more compassion for frogs as TeachKind Science reflects on its 2023 dissection pilot. Then get your school to hop to it and sign up!

Education Conference Wrap-Up: PETA’s TeachKind Shines This Fall With Empathy Lessons

What does an education conference for science teachers have to do with animal liberation? Let TeachKind, PETA’s humane education division, school you on the subject.

Is Animal Dissection Effective? A New Review Has the Answer
Teacher’s Guest Kills Rabbits Before Dissecting the Animals at a Canadian Elementary School
Animal-Free Classrooms? PETA’s Hopes for Education in the Age of COVID-19

This fall, PETA hopes students returning to the classroom will find one thing missing: animals. Here’s why we must reshape and rethink education.

Teaching With Film: Meet Scientists Who Choose Not to Experiment on Animals

“Test Subjects” exposes the pressure on young scientists to hurt animals—even when doing so is contrary to good science.

Parents: Digital Dissection for Home Learning

TeachKind’s list of science resources will have your kids learning quickly and humanely at home!

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