Issue 3|Summer 2023
A white mouse stands atop magenta flowers
© Hamara/
PETA vs. Goliath

There’s a big bully tormenting tiny animals, and PETA is working to take it down. Bit by bit, PETA is exposing the abuse that NIH tries to normalize by labeling it “science.”

A Message From Ingrid Newkirk

As The Rolling Stones sang, “You might wake up in the morning and find your poor self dead” – and your opportunity to change things, lost.


Take a spin around the globe with PETA and read about rescues, victories, and ways in which you can help animals.

Lab Closed After PETA Exposes Death, Disease, and Despair

Following PETA’s damning 18-month investigation, Colombian authorities shut the Primate Center Foundation down and charged the monkey abusers.

PETA is Turning the Tables on What’s ‘Normal’

For over 40 years, PETA has tackled the speciesist idea that other animals are there for the taking. We are challenging society to stop the normalization of the unthinkable.

Chimpanzees Lucy and Anna
© Save the Chimps
SAVED! April, Anna, Lucy, and Cash

April, Anna, Lucy, and Cash are now relishing an expansive outdoor space to run, play, and climb. They are the latest among the two dozen chimpanzees whose rescue PETA has facilitated.

Vibrantly Vegan!

Enjoy these recipes adapted from ‘Be a Plant-Based Woman Warrior’, and discover how vibrant vegan food can help you feel your best at any age.

From Germany With Love

Harald Ullmann and Andrea Müller’s long and winding road to making PETA Germany a success required determination, heart, and a little help from Sir Paul McCartney.

Come Hell or High Water

PETA, PETA Germany, and PETA UK dug through rubble, scoured leveled neighborhoods, and dashed into buildings on the brink of collapse to pull animals to safety.

Germany's Circus Roncalli displays a holographic elephant
© Circus Roncalli
The Curtain Falls on Animal Acts

As PETA entities educate, litigate, and liberate, circuses around the world are cleaning up their acts by leaving animals out of them.

Get ‘PETA Global’ Delivered to Your Door!

A subscription to the print version of ‘PETA Global’ is just one of the many perks of being a PETA member. Donate $16 or more today to get this acclaimed magazine and more delivered to your mailbox.

Easy and Inspiring Ways to Create Change

In big ways, small ways, and all ways, we’re showing it’s easy to seize every opportunity to speak up for animals and stop cruelty.

A PETA "I'm Me Not Meat" billboard in Los Angeles
© Vladimir Wrangel/
The Arrogance and Ignorance of ‘Extreme Eating’

Revealed by PETA Exposés People who dine on dishes that are considered “delicacies” – such as Wagyu beef, bulls’ testicles, or baby ducks’ tongues – may think they’re showing off their affluence or adventurousness. However, much like trophy hunters or bullfighters, what they’re really putting on display is their obliviousness of who animals are and … Read more »

A model wears a niLuu brand vegan silk dress
© niLuu
The Bright, Beautiful Future of Vegan Fashion

I became a fashion editor for one of the world’s biggest online retailers. I was surrounded by exotic leather, wool, feathers – even fur. Then I went vegan.

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