(left to right) Bomba Curls owner Lulu Cordero, Kalani and Wolf owner Joanis Duran

11 Black Latine-Owned Vegan Businesses to Put on Your Radar

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There’s nothing quite like feeling good about the way you spend your hard-earned cash. When you buy from vegan businesses, you’re helping to spare animals harm. These vegan Black Latine-owned businesses offer unique products and services that you’ll feel good about purchasing:

Rizos Curls

Founder and CEO Julissa Prado struggled for years to find products that worked for her curly hair, so she decided to make them herself. Rizos Curls products leave curly hair nourished, frizz-free, and super-soft—and they’re completely animal test–free.

Botánika Beauty

Founder Aisha Ceballos-Crump uses her science background to develop Botánika Beauty’s haircare line, which is tailored to Latina hair types.

Bomba Curls

Bomba Curls doesn’t believe in any of that “taming” nonsense. Instead, the Black-Dominicana business owner Lulu Cordero made her cruelty-free hair care products to emphasize the natural beauty of curly locks, encouraging people to embrace their authentic selves. The all-vegan brand works with lots of different hair types, from tight curls to loose waves.

Bubbly Moon Naturals

The products we lather onto our skin every day matter—especially if it’s something as important as soap. Marshalla Ramos-Inde, a Black–Puerto Rican herbalist, knew this when she created Bubbly Moon Naturals. The vegan wellness business uses all-natural ingredients to make organically fragrant soaps, lotions, and deodorant.


The Black-Dominican-owned brand Cuerpa aims to empower women through holistic beauty, which is the driving force behind its luxurious vegan facial oils. The company’s website offers a rainbow-colored assortment of potions for various skin-care troubles, including dryness, skin damage, fine lines, and dark spots. The ingredients do not include synthetics, which means you’ll be quenching your skin with gentle, animal-friendly products.

Kalani and Wolf

Tired of the fashion industry’s relentless exploitation of animals and the environment, Joanis Duran created Kalani and Wolf, a vegan, sustainable accessory business. The company’s items are unique, using upcycled materials for the creation of handmade kimonos, turbans, headbands, crowns, and, more recently, fashionable face masks.

Meet our Founder & Creative Director Joanis Duran. Her #1 mission throughout our project has been to honor our soldiers…

Posted by Kalani + Wolf on Monday, May 11, 2020

Coco Verde Vegan

Coco Verde Vegan is a Black-Dominican-owned catering business run by Cecilia Flores and her family. She was inspired to create the business after learning about the benefits of plant-based eating, and she wanted to encourage others to go vegan as well with delectable Latine-inspired dishes. Services include catering, cooking demonstrations and classes, and a blog that offers a variety of vegan recipes and cooking tips.

LaRayia’s Bodega

Black Latine activist LaRayia Gaston believes that food is love, which is the core value behind her plant-based Los Angeles store, LaRayia’s Bodega. The café and boutique offers affordable vegan meals, snacks, clothing, and gifts that are made and served with compassion. Her mission to give as many people as possible access to wholesome, plant-based food is exemplified by her business model. Each food item is offered for $5 or less, and eventually, she aims to provide homeless people and veterans with job training and employment opportunities.

A Dozen Cousins

Ibraheem Basir’s Caribbean-inspired bean company A Dozen Cousins sells packaged, ready-to-eat beans that are soulfully seasoned to perfection. They will add a kick of flavor and plant-based protein to any meal.

Jovanka Ciares

Vegan activist and herbalist Jovanka Ciares created her motivational wellness blog to inspire others to follow more holistic lives. It offers vegan lifestyle tips, reminding people that in order to achieve the best version of yourself, you need to be kind to animals and the planet.

Woke Foods

Woke Foods is a Black Latine-owned co-op focusing on food justice for humans and other animals in need. Using kind donations from people in the New York City area, it provides people of color, essential workers, the elderly, former prisoners, and other vulnerable members of the community with free plant-based meals. The co-op also offers classes and workshops focused on plant-based cooking as part of its mission to raise awareness of the benefits of being vegan.


If you want to support other intersectional businesses, check out PETA’s picks for vegan Latine-owned brands, LGBTQ-owned brands, and Black-owned food brands.

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