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Finding new vegan companies to support is like striking gold—it’s a way to be kind to animals while staying in style, eating great food, and practicing self-care. These  LGBTQ+-owned vegan brands will cater to all your lifestyle needs.

RIND by Dina & Joshua

RIND, based in Brooklyn, New York, is elevating the vegan cheese world with its award-winning artisan selections. Owners Dina DiCenso and Joshua Katcher create deliciously creamy cashew-based cheeses, which you can find at specialty markets across the country.

Meow Meow Tweet

Jeff Kurosaki and Tara Pelletier founded the cruelty-free personal-care brand Meow Meow Tweet in 2009 after they met in art school. The brand reflects the pair’s personal style and values, with a focus on making products that are better for animals and the planet.

NOTO Botanics

Owned by Gloria Noto, NOTO Botanics is a sustainable, vegan, gender-neutral cosmetics line. The company raises money for dozens of LGBTQ+ organizations while offering natural, simple beauty products that don’t exploit animals.

Yeah Dawg

Yeah Dawg is run by the wonderful nonbinary vegan chef Marino Benedetto, who aimed to turn fast-food favorite hot dogs into healthy, animal-friendly snacks. Rather than biting into a mix of miscellaneous animal parts filled with carcinogens, patrons will enjoy these delectable veggie-based dogs, which are perfect for a vegan barbecue.

Heidi Ho Foods

With fan favorites like vegan queso, Portland-based Heidi Ho offers the best dairy-free cheese products for vegan foodies everywhere.

Brave GentleMan

PETA named Brave GentleMan owner Joshua Katcher 2015’s Most Influential Designer, and it’s easy to see why. His company is dedicated to luxurious fashion that’s also ethical, from high-quality faux-leather boots to fashionable coats made from recycled materials.

Dragun Beauty

With more than 3.6 million subscribers and counting, YouTuber Nikita Dragun created Dragun Beauty to empower makeup-lovers to express their authentic selves. This first-ever trans-owned beauty brand  is 100% vegan and 100% glamorous.


W3LL PEOPLE is a clean cosmetics brand offering cruelty-free, plant-based makeup and skin-care products. Founded by Shirley Pinkson, the brand encourages equality and kindness to animals.

Lagusta’s Luscious

Lagusta’s Luscious’ delightfully decadent artisanal chocolates are wonderful for any occasion. The company’s owner, Lagusta Yearwood, emphasizes ethical labor and justice for animals while creating her delicacies.


These are just some of the LGBTQ+-owned companies that are working hard to help animals. Share some of your own favorite vegan LGBTQ+-owned brands by tagging us on Twitter @peta!

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