Elena Waldman

Elena developed an interest in animal rights in high school after she was given a copy of Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation, which encouraged her to combine her passion for writing with her hunger for animal liberation. After graduating from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, she joined PETA’s content team so that she could make a bigger impact for animals while working alongside inspiring, like-minded people. In her free time, she enjoys playing guitar, skateboarding, thrifting, and adding to her vast collection of vegan skincare and makeup products.

From Seedling to Superstar: 20 Years of Vegan Inspiration From PETA’s Mascot

It’s International Carrot Day! PETA’s vivacious veggie mascot Chris P. Carrot is rooting for everyone to join him in his mission to save animals and the planet.

The Wyld Jungle: An Illegal Roadside Zoo Where Animals Are Harassed for Viral Content

The influencer behind an illegal roadside zoo in Temecula, California, has no business exhibiting animals. Here’s what you need to know about the cesspool of suffering known as The Wyld Jungle.

Before a Bullfight: 8 Ways Bulls Are Abused Before They Step Into a Ring

In a typical bullfight, the odds are heavily stacked against defenseless, disoriented bulls. But did you know their suffering starts long before they even enter a ring?

Animal Companions
Mexico’s Homeless-Animal Crisis Is a Huge Problem—Here’s How PETA’s ‘Fixing’ It

In Chichimilá and Cancún, Mexico, scores of companion animals rolled up in style to PETA’s free spay/neuter clinics. Help us continue this vital work!

Bill Pushing for Phase-Out of Animal Dissection Advances in California

Talk about a class act! THIS new bill could help modernize science education in classrooms AND foster a more compassionate learning environment.

Who’s Who in ‘The Failed Experiment’—Stream the Groundbreaking Docuseries Now FREE on YouTube

Meet the remarkable experts and animal rights advocates taking center stage in PETA’s new groundbreaking docuseries, “The Failed Experiment,” now available for free on YouTube.

A Shipwreck of Suffering: New Investigations Confirm What PETA’s Been Saying About Seedy SeaQuest Aquariums

New nationwide investigations into the shopping mall hellholes known as SeaQuest aquariums have confirmed what PETA has been saying since they opened.

Amid Unprecedented Surge of Dogs and Cats in Shelters, PETA Makes an Urgent Plea to Guardians to Help ‘Fix’ the Crisis

A growing crisis is reaching new peaks, and U.S. animal shelters are bearing the brunt. This World Spay Day, do your part to help dogs, cats, and shelters.

Creative: Christian Carl and John Kieselhorst
Breaking Victory! African Union Bans Violent Donkey-Skin Trade

Victory! The African Union has just passed a monumental decision that will spare countless donkeys from being violently killed for their skins.

Don’t Go ‘Bacon’ My Heart! PETA Spreads Love With Vegan BLTs on Valentine’s Day

To spread love for our fellow animals on Valentine’s Day, PETA’s cupids traded in their bows and arrows for something tastier.

© Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Media
When PETA Roared For Action, These Roadside Zoos Faced Federal Crackdowns

As long as animals suffer at roadside zoos, we’ll work relentlessly to shut these facilities down. Here’s how our complaints have led to federal crackdowns.

Chucking Cruel Traditions: The Village of Babylon Marks Groundhog Day in an Animal-Friendly Way

This groundbreaking groundhog mascot predicted something better than the weather: She forecasted a season of compassion for our fellow animals!

SeaQuest Littleton Is Closing: Find Out Why This Animal-Exploiting Hellhole Was a Failure From the Start

Great news! SeaQuest Littleton, a crummy mall aquarium with a history of injuries, deaths, and animal welfare violations, is finally shutting its doors.

VIDEO: As Shelters Overflow, Danville Humane Director Joins PETA in Urgent Spay/Neuter Plea

In a powerful PSA addressed to companion animal guardians everywhere, one compassionate animal shelter director explains how sterilizing saves lives.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Share Mini Cow TikTok Videos

Don’t share that mini cow TikTok video—instead, share these reasons why people should NEVER buy mini cows as “pets.”

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