Elena Waldman

Elena developed an interest in animal rights in high school after she was given a copy of Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation, which encouraged her to combine her passion for writing with her hunger for animal liberation. After graduating from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, she joined PETA’s content team so that she could make a bigger impact for animals while working alongside inspiring, like-minded people. In her free time, she enjoys playing guitar, skateboarding, thrifting, and adding to her vast collection of vegan skincare and makeup products.

Brad Pitt’s Company, ‘God’s True Cashmere,’ Removes Misleading Claims Following Cease and Desist From PETA, Still Humane-Washing

It seems that Brad Pitt and his clothing company, God’s True Cashmere, have some repenting to do. Find out why PETA sent the actor a cease and desist letter.

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Three More Prisoners Born at SeaWorld San Antonio—Tell the ‘Abusement’ Park to Empty Its Tanks!

SeaWorld has announced that three more cetaceans were born into miserable confinement at SeaWorld San Antonio. PETA is calling for the “abusement” park to empty its tanks.

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Trump Supporters’ Ear Bandages Prompt New PETA Sticker: ‘No One Deserves Cropped Ears!’

Former President Trump’s supporters are sporting ear bandages, so to encourage even more empathy, PETA has just released a sticker promoting compassion for ALL, including dogs whose ears are mutilated without their consent.

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Cavers Nab PETA Award for Rescuing Dog Trapped in Giant Caverns

A Compassionate Action Award is on its way from PETA to two cavers whose excursion turned into a heroic, 11th-hour rescue mission.

Will PETA’s Spoof ‘Sausage Party’ Ad Get a Rise out of Meat-Eating Men?

PETA’s new “Sausage Party” spoof ad might get a rise out of meat-eating men—but we’re not afraid of a little dysfunction.

PETA Stirs Up a Storm Over Rodeo Depiction in ‘Twisters,’ Tells Universal to Buck Up and Add a Cruelty Disclaimer!

To call out Universal Pictures for glorifying rodeos in “Twisters,” PETA’s stirring up a storm that even Glen Powell won’t be able to wrangle.

Suspects Charged After Allegedly Using Lost Dog for ‘Target Practice’; TeachKind Offers Support Through Humane Education

Etowah County, Alabama, community members are grappling with a senseless act of cruelty against a lost dog. TeachKind is stepping in to help.

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Every Animal Is ‘Somebody Like You’—PETA Urges Keith Urban to Skip Rodeos

Every animal is “somebody like you.” In a letter to Keith Urban, PETA asked the country singer to steer clear of cruel rodeos.

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These Compassionate Cities Are Going Fireworks-Free This Fourth

The frenzy of Fourth of July fireworks can be a nightmare for animals—which is why THESE compassionate cities are embracing animal-friendly celebrations.

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Wyoming’s ‘Bucking Horse and Rider’ License Plate Logo Belongs in the Rearview Mirror—PETA Urges State Lawmakers to Take Action

As Wyoming rolls out its new license plates for 2025, PETA’s asking the state’s legislative leaders to give a “buck” about horses and other animals used in cruel rodeos.

Victory! Event Company Peels Away From the Monkey-Exploiting ‘Banana Derby’

After hearing from PETA, a company has peeled away from a notorious monkey-exploiting exhibit known as “the Banana Derby.”

4 Ways to Protect Bulls on Anti-Bullfighting Day and Beyond

For PETA and other bull defenders around the world, every day is Anti-Bullfighting Day. Here are four simple ways YOU can help bulls.

Goats and Camels Break Loose at Ohio Theme Park in Ongoing Series of Animal Escapes

Has “Jumanji” become a reality? In the last few months, exploited animals’ bid for freedom has led to multiple dangerous incidents and one death.

From Students to Slaughterers: How Bullfighting Schools Normalize Bloodshed

Teaching violence and abuse is not “education.” Find out what happens at bullfighting schools and how YOU can speak out against them.

Hot off the Press: Damning E-Mails Released Concerning Hellhole Miami Seaquarium

Just-released records showing e-mails between the Miami Seaquarium’s veterinary staff and management reveal serious concerns.

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