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Staying fresh is easier than ever with these vegan deodorants, formulated specifically for men. Whether you’re looking for something unscented or prefer antiperspirant action, these brands have what you’re looking for, with ingredients that are never tested on animals. Animals used for experimentation are raised in labs, tortured with painful and terrifying tests, and killed while they’re still relatively young. The best way you can help stop this is to buy only products that are never tested on animals. Thankfully, these deodorant brands have sworn off animal tests, and they offer products with exclusively vegan ingredients:


Dove’s Men+Care deodorants are available as sticks, sprays, or wipes and come with or without antiperspirant capabilities.

Herban Cowboy

Not only does this deodorant keep you dry and odorless, it also comes in a number of scents, including Wild, Unscented, Musk, and Forest.

Tom’s of Maine

This deodorant is clinically proven to give you 24-hour odor protection. It’s also aluminum-free, and it utilizes plant-based glycerin.

Every Man Jack

This natural deodorant is available in six scents, or fragrance-free.

JĀSÖN Natural Products

This deodorant uses zinc, corn starch, and baking soda to neutralize odors as well as grapefruit seed extract to fight odor-causing bacteria.


Crystal deodorant is composed solely of natural mineral salts, and it’s a great all-natural way to eliminate body odor and the use of animals.

Kiss My Face

This company provides a number of vegan-friendly grooming products, and this deodorant is sure to win you over, as it’ll keep you odorless all day long.

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Schmidt’s is a great cruelty-free deodorant brand that offers five unisex scents, and if you’re not into the stick, it carries deodorant jars as well.

Sam’s Natural

Sam’s Natural offers 18 scents to choose from! Now that’s a lot.


Jack Black

This is the ultimate deodorant for men. It serves as both an antiperspirant to keep you dry and a deodorant to fight odor. It’s also formulated for sensitive skin, making it the ideal deodorant for any vegan dude.

Silver Botanicals

Grab either the original or sensitive-skin version for all-day odor protection that uses all-natural ingredients that you can count on two hands!

Rabbits, mice, rats, and other animals used for product testing can never consent to being experimented on. Make sure that your personal-care and household products are truly animal-friendly by searching for companies using our database:

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