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We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite vegan-friendly, Latinx-owned businesses. De nada!


Kallie & Co

Kallie & Co was founded by Nadia Martinez with the goal of bringing Mexican handcrafted goods to vegan customers everywhere. All its products are ethically made, vegan, and unique.

Viva la Bonita

If you’re looking for Latinx-owned businesses that will take your wardrobe to the next level, check out Viva la Bonita. Created by Rachel Gomez, Viva la Bonita is a lifestyle and apparel brand focused on self-expression and empowerment through animal-friendly practices.

The Dharma Store

The Dharma Store has the freshest T-shirts and accessories sporting a vegan message as well as a killer vegan Peruvian cookbook packed with recipes that harken back to the origins of Peruvian cuisine.


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Vegano Shoes

Brazilian-based company Vegano Shoes is your one-stop shop for vegan footwear. It has shoes for all occasions, including boots, workout shoes, sneakers, sandals, and dress shoes.


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Golden Ponies

Based in Mexico, Golden Ponies always has the latest styles—but it doesn’t pursue trendiness at the expense of animals. The brand focuses on using sustainable materials and fair labor practices to make luxury vegan leather shoes and bags so that you can look like a million bucks while being kind to animals and the planet.


If you need an edgy, feminine lifestyle makeover, Ilse Valfré has you covered with all the vegan goodies: decor, apparel, accessories, and more. The signature throw pillows, made with polyester instead of down feathers, feature original artwork that will give any apartment a charming touch. There’s also an assortment of vegan leather handbags that don’t compromise style in the slightest.


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Bella Doña

Bella Doña harnesses Los Angeles’ Latinx culture through clothing featuring iconic images and phrases, like “Tacos Before Vatos” and “Smile Now, Cry Never.” Singer LaLa Romero and Natalia Durazo started the company to pay homage to both their heritage and their birthplace, the San Fernando Valley (otherwise known as “the valley”).



Veestro has all the necessities for vegan foodies who want to eat delicious, wholesome meals but don’t have the time to cook. It delivers meals prepared by top-notch vegan chefs right to your door, with tons of options to choose from—curry, fried “chicken,” you name it! The cuisine is easy, affordable, delicious, and animal-friendly.


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Plenty of Latinx-owned businesses prove that animals don’t need to suffer so that humans can create authentic Latin American food, and Jocelyn Ramirez’s TODO VERDE is one of them. The company offers all the necessities for vegan cooking, from Ramirez’s lauded cookbook to meal prep delivery services.


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Mama’s International Tamales

Located in Los Angeles, this Latinx-owned restaurant offers homemade vegan—you guessed it—tamales in four different styles. It also serves pupusas, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and tortas. Top your favorite with vegan queso fresco and crema and wash it down with dairy-free horchata.


Evanice Holz is the certified plant-based chef behind the Señoreata pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles. Follow her Instagram account to see where she’ll be serving up delicious vegan Cuban food next.

Horchateria Rio Luna

Located in the Los Angeles area, Horchateria Rio Luna café fuses traditional Mexican flavors with American desserts to make tasty drinks and treats, including mouth-watering vegan churros.

Cena Vegan

Cena Vegan plant-based meats are made from a combination of wheat, soy, and garbanzo bean flours with flavoring from top-secret family recipes. The vegan Mexican food experts currently operate a pop-up stand in various Southern California locations, and rumor has it that a brick-and-mortar vegan butcher shop is in the works.

Animal Companions

Wild Earth

If you want to nourish your animal companions with vegan dog food, it’s important to make sure you’re giving them the nutrients that they need to flourish. Founded by Ryan Bethencourt, Wild Earth makes protein-rich, nutrient-dense dog food and treats that will help you switch your dog to a plant-based diet the right way.


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If you love these Latinx-owned businesses, check out PETA’s picks for Latinx-owned restaurants! Interested in reading more about the intersection between Latinx culture and animal rights? Check out our sister site, PETA Latino.

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