Published by Danny Prater.

Because people are so far removed from the process of slaughtering animals for food, they may forget that the cutlets, wings, and other neatly shaped little pieces of flesh they’re eating were once living, feeling beings with unique personalities. They may forget that chickens on industrial feedlots are burned by concentrated ammonia fumes and rarely step outside until the day they are loaded onto a truck bound for the killing floor. They may forget that before they were cut into “sticks” and battered, wild-caught fish were subjected to crushing pressure as they were hauled up from the deep in a net and callously left to suffocate on the deck of a boat.

They may forget that they’re eating corpses—until they find worms crawling through them.

This disturbing image is giving people pause on Facebook because it forces them to think about what—and, more importantly, who—they are eating. Every piece of meat sold in stores is just the final step in a long, gruesome process that is wreaking havoc on both the environment and human health: industrialized animal agriculture.

This is not an isolated incident.

Video after video has shown that packaged meat from the grocery store occasionally contains a “secret” ingredient: live worms.

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If live worms aren’t enough to make you think about trying vegan food, there are literally tens of billions of other reasons why you should: Because that’s how many animals are killed for food in the U.S. each year. The easiest way to help animals is to ditch meat and dairy and go vegan today.

You’ll save more than a hundred animals each year, and you can also become healthier by consuming foods that don’t contribute to heart disease, cancer, and strokes. Plus, you’ll help to reduce climate change and world hunger. Being vegan has never been easier, thanks to hundreds of delicious vegan productsrestaurants, and accidentally vegan foods you probably already love!

It’s plain and simple: Going vegan is the best resolution you can make, and we’re here to help. We have plenty of resources on going vegan, so take the pledge now!

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