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The demand for vegan leather is growing, as more people learn about the cruel and ecologically destructive nature of the animal leather industry. Innovative plant-based materials—derived from mushrooms, pineapple, and even kombucha tea—are revolutionizing the clothing and accessories world, proving that the skin from an animal’s back is unnecessary for looking fabulous.

Following talks with PETA, Delsey Luggage has agreed to replace all its leather with vegan materials!

Delsey is the second-largest luggage brand in the world, distributing to over 110 countries. We’re so thrilled with the news—which will have a hugely positive impact for animals—that we’ve presented the company with a Compassionate Business Award and sent some vegan chocolates.


Your actions speak loudly for animals—encourage your favorite clothing and accessories brands to create vegan leather products. Here’s a comprehensive list of vegan material suppliers that you can share with them.

Also, make sure that no animals were harmed to create the things you wear. Learn more at our How to Wear Vegan page.

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