Danny Prater

Danny Prater

Danny spent the formative years of his life in rural Ohio, living among corn stalks and log cabins in the shadow of a ghost town that burned to the ground in the 1840s. Fittingly, you can often find him wearing plaid and sporting a burly beard. With a communications degree in hand from The Ohio State University, he moved to Los Angeles in 2012. In his free time, Danny likes to go for "long-ish" jogs, maintain his self-appointed title as the greatest Dr. Mario player on Earth, and dote upon his two feline companions and numerous succulents.

PETA Victory! Budweiser Agrees to Stop Amputating Clydesdales’ Tailbones

Budweiser has been brewing up a backlash all summer. But PETA is raising a toast to the beer brand after it agreed to stop amputating the tailbones of its iconic Clydesdales.

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How Michigan’s Even Keel Exotics Pushed Feds Past the Tipping Point

In August 2023, the USDA confiscated close to 150 animals from Michigan’s Even Keel Exotics. Learn how PETA played a part.

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PETA Urges Federal Agencies to Investigate Alarming Conditions at Emory and OHSU

PETA is sounding the alarm: The failure to sanitize primate caging at Emory and OHSU harms animals and poses a risk to human health.

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Meet Your Meat-Free Guide to Life After a Lone Star Tick Bite

Since lone star ticks are on the rise, so is the need for dairy- and meat-free recipes. Luckily, PETA makes going vegan as easy as taking a walk in the woods!

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European Commission Backs Phaseout of Animal Use in Experiments and Chemical Tests but Ignores Citizens on Cosmetics

While PETA welcomes steps taken by the European Commission, they fall woefully short on saving animals’ lives.

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Montana Animal Exhibitor’s License Is on the Line After Slew of Violations

PETA urges everyone to avoid supporting seedy operations like Animals of Montana by shunning any form of entertainment that exploits animals.

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‘Blackfish’ Made a Splash When It Debuted 10 Years Ago—What’s Changed Since Then?

The debut of the 2013 documentary film “Blackfish” made a big splash and ushered in a sea change for animals used for human entertainment. Here’s how.

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Cruise Ship Passengers Sickened by Sight of Gruesome ‘Grindadráp’ in Faroe Islands

Every year, hundreds of pilot whales and white-sided dolphins are slaughtered during the Faroe Islands’ gruesome “grindadráp.” If you want to help marine animals, here’s what to do.

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Urgent Information From PETA: Air-Quality Safety Tips to Protect Animals

If humans are feeling the effects of wildfire smoke, other animals are, too. PETA has tips to help keep animals under an air-quality alert safe.

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Colombian Council Member Becomes First Politician Outside U.S. to Win PETA’s ‘Courage in Leadership’ Award

PETA has awarded Terry Hurtado Gómez, a member of the city council of Cali, Colombia, the Courage in Leadership Award. Here’s why.

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Three Cetaceans Dead in Two Months at Marineland of Canada

Three cetaceans have died at Marineland of Canada in two months. Discover what you can do to help dolphins and whales still held in tiny tanks.

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Decades of Cruelty to Animals at Waccatee Zoo End After Parties Settle Lawsuit

VICTORY: Waccatee Zoo’s decades of cruelty to animals are over! Find out why PETA settled a lawsuit against the highway hellhole.

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Chimpanzees Removed From Ohio Roadside Zoo After Push From PETA

Four chimpanzees have been rescued from Union Ridge Wildlife Center, thanks to PETA. Find out how you can help shut down roadside zoos.

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Breaking: 18,000 Animals Killed in Explosion and Fire on Texas Dairy Farm

Tragedies like this occur when living, feeling beings are treated as if they’re crops or nothing more than inanimate objects.

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PETA Scientists to Present at 2023 Society of Toxicology Meeting in Nashville

At the SOT 62nd Annual Meeting, PETA scientists will be co-chairing sessions, giving oral presentations, presenting posters, hosting mentoring sessions, and more.

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