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Chips and dip are a popular pair for snack time, and these store-bought vegan dips are so divine that you’re bound to double-dip. These dairy-free delights are a perfect plus-one with veggies, chips, and appetizers. Dive into this list of vegan dips that are creaming any spread made from miserable cows abused by the dairy industry.

1. Fritos Bean Dip

This chip dip is so suave that it’ll have everyone screaming, “Cool beans!” Let your chips take a swim in a smooth sea of refried Fritos beans.

2. WayFare Dips

WayFare’s French onion, bleu cheese, and ranch flavors make for a sultry snack with any chip, and its vegan jalapeño cheddar and nacho cheddar cheeses are nacho heaven.

3. Good Karma Dips

Sink some veggies into a bowl of Good Karma French onion or ranch dip and pass it around, because whatever goes around, comes around, smooth and creamy.

4. Trader Joe’s Dips and Spreads

Snack on Trader Joe’s Vegan Kale, Cashew & Basil Pesto, or try it as a savory sandwich spread. The Garlic Spread Dip is a tasty topping on crackers. Other great dips at Trader Joe’s include the Cashew Fiesta Dip and, for those who like it spicy, the Jalapeño Lime Almond Dip.

5. Siete Family Foods’ Cashew Queso

Nachos and queso are a dreamy duo, and this cashew queso is available in mild nacho and spicy blanco flavors. Find it near you.

6. This Dip Is Nuts

The name speaks for itself. The almond-based dip brought to you by Bitchin’ Sauce is available in buffalo, green onion, green chile and pepita, and spinach artichoke varieties.

7. Simply Organic Mixes

Mix things up and make your own dreamy dip. Several Simply Organic packet mixes—including the chipotle black bean, creamy dill, onion and chive, and French onion varieties—are vegan and go great with vegan sour cream. Look for Simply Organic at your local co-op or health-food store.

8. Hummus

Homemade hummus is easy to whip up in a blender, and there are plenty of store-bought options by brands such as Sabra that are vegan as well.


9. Guacamole

Dip it, spoon it, and spread it—but you’ll never have enough of it. Guac rocks on everything. Several guacamole brands offer vegan options—try Yucatan Guacamole or Sabra Classic Guacamole with Lime.


Didn’t see a dip that dazzled you? Make your own with these yummy recipes.

Now that you’ve got the dip, you need the chips. So many popular chips are vegan, so the search for a quick fix to the munchies never takes long.

If you’re entertaining guests, what’s a better way to spread the word that being vegan is easy than by serving them an awesome vegan appetizer?

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