Ryan Hajek

Ryan Hajek

Ryan broke up with meat after he realized that the cows he saw while on vacation would die in a slaughterhouse. A cookbook eventually convinced him to go vegan, and he joined a concert tour circuit to inform audiences across the U.S. about how animals endure miserable lives when they’re used for meat, dairy, and eggs. When he’s not exploring the latest artificial intelligence technology, Ryan enjoys riding rollercoasters, reading books, and doing everything he can to #EndSpeciesism.

Meet Tommy: PETA’s AI-Powered ThanksVegan Helper!

What if artificial intelligence went vegan? Learn how PETA’s AI-powered chatbot named Tommy will help animals and humans this year for “ThanksVegan.”

Think You’ll Never Go Vegan? This PETA Ad Reminds You Never to Say Never

Check out PETA’s new ad, which shows what changed many now-vegans’ thinking from “I’ll never go vegan” to “I’ll never eat animals again.”

‘Truth Mode’ for Animals: Smart Devices Get a Vegan Upgrade?

What if smart devices automatically revealed how the meat, egg, and dairy industries harm animals? PETA suggests tech upgrades with a “truth mode” that encourages compassion.

Are You Eating Poop? PETA Urges Chicken Sellers to Fess Up to Feces

PETA’s new ad is giving chicken fans a “fowl” surprise: Poop could be lurking inside any package of chicken.

Vegan Pumpkin Spice–Flavored Products to Enjoy This Fall

These pumpkin spice products are perfect in every way—and vegan! Check out all the best vegan pumpkin-flavored foods to enjoy this fall.

Check Out This Cartload of Vegan Products at WinCo Foods

It’s easy to find a cartload of vegan products at WinCo. One PETA staffer reveals all the vegan goodies he found on a recent shopping trip to WinCo.

Double-Dip Your Chips in These Store-Bought Vegan Dips

Chips and dip are a popular pair for snack time, and these vegan dips are so divine that you’re bound to double-dip.

These Vegan Sausage Brands Are Smokin’

These vegan sausages are real party pleasers. Bite into a banger by brands like Tofurky or Beyond Meat and you’ll be sizzled.

These Vegan Hot Dogs Are the Real ‘Wieners’

Sun’s out, buns out. These vegan hot dogs are a real home run. Juicy and jumbo, they’re everything you want in a good wiener.

Vegan Eggnog and Other Store-Bought Holiday Drinks to Enjoy This Season

The best way to spread holiday cheer is by serving the best holiday drinks, like vegan eggnog, apple cider, and peppermint mocha.

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