Drone Attack! Teams in Ukraine Save Animals While Under Fire

Drone strikes threatened a PETA-supported rescue mission. How did everyone get out alive? Watch the video to find out—and learn how to support this work.

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Grab a Heated Blanket, and Warm Up Some Soup: Elmer’s Here to Get Cozy

Can’t decide whether to adopt a rambunctious kitten or a “retired and loving it” senior cat? Get the best of both worlds with Elmer!

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Need a Little More Action in Your Life? Meet This Adoptable ‘Karate Kid’

Karate used to worry he’d never be fed again—but since PETA stepped in, this dog’s only challenge is finding a family willing to share their vegan sushi.

‘I Am You but Different’: PETA President’s Video Calls for Nonviolence

In her video address, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk appeals for an end to violence for all—including our fellow animals—based on understanding and empathy.

© Animal Rescue Kharkiv
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The Comeback Kitten: Meet an Adoptable Cat Who Defied All Odds

Thanks to PETA, this critically ill kitten made a miraculous recovery. Now she’s looking to spend her remaining eight lives in a loving home.

Animal Companions
Rainy Day Got You Down? This Adoptable Dog Will Lift Your Spirits

PETA brought this formerly tethered chow chow in from the rain. Will you bring her into your family?

Animal Companions
Cat Squad in Search of a New Member? Slurpee’s Just Jonesing to Join!

Sweet Slurpee escaped a hoarding hell—now this adoptable kitten is looking to join your cat crew!

Animal Companions
The Face That Launched a Thousand Adoption Applications? Meet Helen

A painful medical condition left its mark on Helen’s eye. But this adoptable cat made a full recovery and is still beautiful—inside and out!

Animal Companions
No More Darkness for Midnight: Give This Adoptable Dog a Bright Future

Chained and isolated in a backyard, Midnight’s former life was bleak and lonely. But thanks to PETA, the future shines like the stars for this adoptable pup.

Decades of Cruelty to Animals at Waccatee Zoo End After Parties Settle Lawsuit

VICTORY: Waccatee Zoo’s decades of cruelty to animals are over! Find out why PETA settled a lawsuit against the highway hellhole.

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You Shouldn’t Play With Fire—Adopt and Play With Fuego Instead!

This abandoned cat watched his whole world go up in flames, but his cheerful outlook remains unscathed. Can you give him the love and safety he needs?

Animal Companions
Help Adoptable Cat Kumar Find the ‘Right Castle’ to Call His Own

Kumar was suffering from a severe respiratory infection—not to mention a shocking lack of late-night munchie options—when PETA swooped in to help. Now all he needs is a new home!

Animal Companions
A Glow-Up for the Ages: Wally’s a Brand-New Dog Who Needs Brand-New Digs

Left outside with no shelter and a raging skin infection, Wally had shut down completely. But today the only thing contagious is this adoptable pup’s newfound optimism!

Animal Companions
Want a Companion Who’ll Keep You Laughing? Meet the Marvelous Mr. Milo

Thanks to PETA, Milo’s story is spinning from tragedy to comedy. Can you give this fun-loving kitten the care and respect he deserves—and a place to work on his stand-up act?

Animal Companions
You Bring the Popcorn; They’ll Bring the Fun—Meet Two Adoptable Film Buffs

Need a buddy or two for bingeing the latest creature features? Edward and Seymour are here to bring some feline fun to your movie nights.

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