Coffee Lovers, Unite for This Delicious Vegan Comedic Film

The vegan-themed comedy “Coffee Wars” calls for a coffee watch party with friends and family! Check out our tips for a delicious time.

Think You’ll Never Go Vegan? This PETA Ad Reminds You Never to Say Never

Check out PETA’s new ad, which shows what changed many now-vegans’ thinking from “I’ll never go vegan” to “I’ll never eat animals again.”

PETA and Crayola Release ‘Little Animal Rights Activist’s First Paint-Throwing Kit’ so Kids Can Make Activism a Blast

Ready, aim, fire! PETA and Crayola teamed up to bring you the Little Animal Rights Activist’s First Paint-Throwing Kit. It’s a blast!

PETA’s ‘Arm Barn’ Gear Helps Baseball Fans Hit a Home Run for Animals

PETA’s zingy, animal-friendly term “arm barn” isn’t just shaking up the baseball world after going viral—it’s also making its way onto fans’ shirts and hats now that baseball season is in full swing.

The Secret Ingredient That’s Been Missing From Your Beauty Routine: Tofu!

Are you after glossier hair, whiter teeth, and more radiant skin? Then PETA’s got news for you: Our tofu beauty product lineup is available now! Visit the PETA Shop to order yours.

There Are Only a Few Hours Left to Vote for PETA in These Webby Categories

Show everyone that the largest animal rights group is also number one in social media. Vote for PETA in the “Social: Weird” and “Social: Best Overall Social Presence – Brand” categories.

LEFT: © FREE BISON/Choice Bison
Be Something Truly Terrifying This Halloween: ‘Joe Exotic,’ Tiger Killer

Order a “Joe Exotic” Halloween costume from PETA now! Remind everyone who the true “Tiger King” villain is, and help a former G.W. Zoo “tiger prisoner” pounce on her ex-captor.

Jeff Lowe Did a Reddit AMA—It Went Just As Badly as You’d Think

In a grasping attempt to stay relevant, Jeff Lowe of “Tiger King” recently appeared on Reddit to do an “Ask Me Anything”—and wow, did people ask him anything.

Photo of Jeff Lowe: City of Las Vegas Marshal
Watch: PETA Shows How to Make a Face Mask Using … Underwear?!

Is your store out of face masks? Don’t panic—PETA’s strung together the perfect DIY instructions to spread a message about not eating animals.

Are You a Meat-Eater Itching to Get Clean? PETA’s Patches Are for You!

You’ve heard of the bacon patch, right? Now meet the new Charred Bodies patch, ideal for anyone looking to kick their bad animal-flesh problem. Get a “Go Vegan” Patch Pack today!

It’s Career Day, and This Poor Little Girl’s Dad Is a SeaWorld Orca Trainer

“He said the ocean is too dangerous for orcas, and I said, ‘That doesn’t make any sense!’ But you know how dads are!”

If You Think Your PETA-Acronym Joke Is Original, You’re Badly Mistaken

Why did the chicken cross the road? Obviously, it was to escape the fool telling the “People Eating Tasty Animals” joke.

Everyone’s Ditching Dairy ‘Products’ Thanks to Vegan Milk Ads Like These

For those who aren’t in the know, here are some persuasive vegan milk commercials that are helping society move past drinking another species’ boob juice.

91 Thoughts We Had While Watching ‘Okja’

84. This movie is going to have people crying in the meat aisles of grocery stores.

This Clever Prank Shows How Gross Drinking Milk Really Is

If the thought of drinking dogs’ milk makes your stomach turn, why is milk from a cow any different?

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