Purple Carrot Drops Thai Coconut Milk

After hearing from PETA that endangered macaques are chained, whipped, and forced into a lifetime of labor picking coconuts in Thailand, national plant-based meal kit delivery company Purple Carrot decided to end its contract with its Thai coconut milk supplier and switch to using coconut milk from the Philippines and Sri Lanka. In thanks, PETA … Read more »

PETA Victory in North Carolina ‘Ag-Gag’ Case

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit handed an important win to PETA and our co-plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging North Carolina’s “ag-gag” law, ruling that conducting undercover investigations and whistleblowing are considered newsgathering activities protected by the First Amendment. PETA and a coalition of public interest groups had filed the lawsuit challenging … Read more »

Victory! Walmart Drops Chaokoh Coconut Milk

After hearing from PETA and tens of thousands of concerned shoppers, Walmart has ended its sales of Chaokoh brand coconut milk, for which monkeys are chained, caged, and forced into a lifetime of labor picking coconuts. The company joins over 45,000 stores that have rejected coconut products linked to monkey labor in Thailand.

Performance Food Group Drops Chaokoh

Following communications from PETA, national wholesale food distributor Performance Food Group has stopped selling the Chaokoh brand across its more than 150 distribution channels. Performance Food Group joins over 33,000 companies that have rejected coconut products linked to monkey labor in Thailand. This action will help phase out the use of monkeys in this industry. … Read more »

Major Grocers Drop Culver Duck Farms Following PETA Exposé

PETA released a disturbing whistleblower report of suffering ducks at Culver Duck Farms, a so-called “humane” company in Indiana. The whistleblower’s video footage and photographs showed injured and dying ducks, others who were suffocated and buried alive, and dozens of ducklings who were ground up while fully conscious. After hearing from PETA, Southeastern Grocers (the … Read more »

False Advertising Lawsuit Against Vital Farms Wins Right to Proceed

PETA Foundation lawyers and co-counsel won a precedent-setting victory in court when a motion to dismiss the class-action lawsuit against Texas-based Vital Farms Inc.—whose eggs are sold at Whole Foods, Target, Kroger, and other major grocers nationwide—was denied. The judge’s decision meant that the case—brought by consumers who were misled into buying eggs at a … Read more »

Bill C-205 Has Died!

Good news! Private Member’s Bill C-205, for which we created an action alert, did not pass through the legislative process and won’t become a law that could have prevented documentation of systemic, routine abuse of animals used for food.

Mr Kicco Coffee & Wine Bans Kopi Luwak!

Less than 48 hours after PETA supporters started contacting Mr Kicco Coffee & Wine to ask it to stop selling kopi luwak—a coffee sourced from the excrement of caged-for-life Asian palm civet cats—the store’s owner removed it from his online listings, threw out his remaining supply, and pledged never to sell it again, saying that … Read more »

Swedish Fish Vegan Again

After talks with PETA, all manufacturing of Swedish Fish has returned to a vegan recipe. Watch out, as some old packages with beeswax listed in the ingredients may still be on the shelves.

Bad Daddy’s Adds Beyond Burger

Following talks with PETA, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar added the Beyond Burger at all of its locations in seven states. As noted on the menu, the restaurant will happily cook it separately, in addition to accommodating other dietary needs.

Bruster’s Adds Vegan Ice Cream

Following prior talks with PETA, a D grade in our ice cream rankings, and pressure from us on social media, Bruster’s Real Ice Cream added coconut milk–based vegan ice cream. However, some locations may not carry it, so be sure to ask the manager to start selling it if you don’t see it.

Kenya Bans Killing Donkeys for Ejiao After Pressure From PETA

After nearly two years of pressure from PETA entities worldwide—including more than 200,000 e-mails sent by supporters around the world—the cabinet secretary of Kenya’s Ministry of Agriculture, Peter Munya, has finally banned donkey slaughterhouses in that country! This move will prevent countless donkeys from being violently killed so that their skin can be boiled down … Read more »

Panera Bread Drops Almond Milk Surcharge

Following a request from and talks with PETA, Panera Bread will put almond milk on the coffee bar for self-service and has removed the surcharge for almond milk in espresso beverages.

MOOYAH Adds Vegan Burger

Following talks with PETA, MOOYAH, which has dozens of locations around the country, added The Vegan burger to its menu. It comes with avocado, sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and BBQ sauce, all on a potato bun.

Uno Adds Vegan Cheeseburger Pizza and Zoodles Primavera

Following continued talks with PETA, Uno Pizzeria & Grill expanded its vegan menu further by adding a Vegetarian Cheeseburger Pizza, which comes with crumbled Beyond Burger, pickles, ketchup, mustard, and onions and can be made vegan by asking for Daiya cheese. The restaurant also added Zoodles Primavera, which includes zucchini noodles sautéed with marinated artichokes, … Read more »

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