Breeders, Beware! L.A. Passes Temporary Ban on Issuing Dog-Breeding Permits

Join PETA in calling on Mayor Bass to do her job and remind city shelters of theirs: to provide shelter to all animals in need.

U.S. Animal Shelters Are Facing an Unprecedented Surge of Cats and Dogs—Help Us ‘Fix’ the Crisis!

PETA’s viral “Just Spay Me” campaign is back by popular demand. Help us “snip” companion animal overpopulation in the bud!

Animal Companions
How Are ‘No-Kill’ Policies Failing Animals Everywhere? ‘The New Yorker’ Reveals

An article by novelist Jonathan Franzen in “The New Yorker” is lifting the veil on how “no-kill” policies are causing cats and dogs to suffer.

Tune In: PETA VP Featured on Podcast Breaks Down ‘No-Kill’ Sham

What does “no-kill” really mean? A PETA vice president joined “The Animal Welfare Junction” podcast to discuss the divisive term.

‘No-Kill’ Policies Save Shelters’ Statistics—Not Animals

These animals were bludgeoned, poisoned, strangled, and killed in other horrific ways—all because of “no-kill” shelter policies.

Cruel, Seedy, and Greedy: Comparing Animal Hoarders, Roadside Zoos, and Puppy Mills

How do animal hoarders compare with roadside zoos and puppy mills? PETA spotlights their speciesist similarities and what you can do to help their victims.

Animal Companions
Top 5 Reasons Never to Buy a Dog, According to AI

Artificial intelligence is the future, and PETA is glad that ChatGPT knows to never buy a dog. Do you?

More Than 100 Animals Have Died in Fires Recently, and the Reason Why Might Surprise You

Hoarders who claim to “save” animals often cage them in criminally cruel conditions. When fires break out, animals have no chance to escape. (Warning: graphic images)

Animal Companions
‘No-Kill’ or ‘No Admission’? Limited-Intake Shelter Policies Implode

As communities experience the disastrous results of misguided “no-kill” policies, PETA urges shelters to make animals, not statistics, their priority.

Animal Companions
Meet the ‘Bertie 5’ and Other Animals Helped by PETA Fieldworkers

When an animal is in need, PETA fieldworkers do everything in their power to help. Learn more about their groundbreaking work.

Animal Companions
Austin’s ‘Slow-Kill’ Policy Will Hurt Strays

There’s no excuse for what the video circulating on social media depicts: Austin animals warehoused en masse in crates with no hope in sight.

Animal Companions
Injured Cats, Starving Sheep, and Chained Dogs: PETA Fieldworkers Help Them All

The “dog days” of summer are every day for PETA fieldworkers, who are outside helping chained dogs beat the heat.

Another Self-Professed Animal ‘Rescue’ Exposed: Officials Find 30 Dead and Decomposing Animals

See what happened to 30 dogs and cats at a South Carolina “rescue” and help PETA prevent it from happening to other animals.

Richland County Sheriff's Department
Viral Photo of Abandoned Dog Shows Why Open-Admission Shelters Are Vital

Baby Girl, the dog abandoned with a backpack of toys and a note from her distraught guardian, is a victim of irresponsible shelters.

Animal Companions
GRAPHIC: PETA Obtains Disturbing Photos Exposing the Lie of ‘Live Release’ Stats

The animal “rescue” industry is an unregulated Wild West. Animals are suffering and dying horrifically as a result.

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