2023’s Biggest Victories for Animals in Labs and How PETA Made Them Happen

In 2023, PETA’s dedicated team worked all year to shut down barbaric laboratories, advance non-animal tests, and expose the cruelty of experiments on animals.

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Army Ends Brain-Damage Test on Ferrets at Wayne State After PETA Outcry

An army-funded brain-damage test on ferrets has ended at Wayne State University. Now PETA is urging the military to ban weapon-wounding tests on all animals.

PETA Donates Lifesaving Human Simulators to National Albanian Trauma Program

An Albanian surgical program has accepted TraumaMan human simulators from PETA, agreeing to spare sheep deadly tests. Learn the lifesaving details here.

On Navy Day, It’s Time to Celebrate Sailors by Sinking Pointless Animal Experiments

Killing animals doesn’t help members of the U.S. Navy, so why is the military branch wasting time and money on cruel experiments?

Don’t Let the Navy Fool You: It’s Still Killing Animals in Cruel Tests

A push from PETA sunk the U.S. Navy’s deadly and pointless decompression tests on sheep—so why is the military branch still tormenting other animals?

Campaign Updates: U.S. Army Resumes Weapons-Wounding Tests on Animals

Discover the chilling secrets behind the front lines as thousands of people read PETA’s scorching op-ed by retired Army Sgt. Carla Gunn.

Is There a ‘Dark Side’ to PETA? Board Our Starship to Shine Light on a Rebel Force

If someone asks, “What’s the dark side of PETA?” we’ve got the answer. Let us shine a lightsaber on the truth of our efforts for animal rights.

What Makes Goats So Great? Check Out These 8 Amazing Facts!

When we talk about “the goat,” we don’t mean Tom Brady. Learn more about gentle, curious goats with these eight amazing facts.

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PETA Demands U.S. Army Ban ‘Classified’ Weapon-Wounding Tests on Dogs, Others

What are dogs, cats, and other animals enduring in the U.S. Army’s “classified” weapon-wounding tests? We’re pushing for answers and calling for a ban.

Dolphins, Bees, Goats, and Others: Animals You Didn’t Know Suffer in War

The bloodshed of war is not limited to humans. PETA explains why other animals are not soldiers and how you can help end the use of animals in war.

Bad Science and Bad Welfare: Experimenters Keep Mice Perpetually Cold

Mice and rats in laboratories suffer from “cold stress”, altering the results of experiments in an epidemic of bad science. Tell Congress to act now to protect mice and rats.

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21 Major Victories That PETA Achieved for Animals in Labs in 2021

PETA worked hard this year to help animals who are used in cruel experiments. Here’s what we accomplished in 2021!

Out of the Lab, Into the Light: PETA’s ‘Without Consent’ Honors Vivisection Victims

It’s moving viewers to tears—and action. Experience PETA’s bold new exhibit and see nearly 200 stories about animals used in experiments.

How Does PETA End Animal Tests? Just Read Our 2019 Recap to Find Out

We’re starting 2020 with hope, because last year, we saved millions of living individuals who were being tormented and ultimately killed in laboratories.

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Doctor Starts Cruelty-Free Medical Training Program to Save Animals

There is always a way to avoid hurting animals. Dr. Bryan Webb found a great one of his own.

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