World’s Largest Pig-Killing Company Launches ‘Better’ Vegan Meat Lineup

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If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

That’s 👆 what the folks at Smithfield Foods—the largest pig-killing company in the world—have done in launching the brand’s new lineup of vegan meats.

The lineup—which will reportedly hit grocery store shelves next month—will feature animal-friendly burgers and breakfast patties, dairy-free cheeses, and more.

The future is vegan, and even Smithfield Foods knows it.

The products are being launched under the company’s Pure Farmland brand. According to the brand’s own website, by opting for its new vegan meats, consumers will “make a change for the better.” We’ve been pushing Smithfield Foods to do better for years, so we’re happy to see the notorious company finally begin to do it.

People are moving away from meat and dairy and toward vegan options that are artery-friendly and better for the environment. The animal-agriculture industry must evolve, too, if it wants to keep up.

In the footage below, mother pigs and their piglets can be seen enduring horrific cruelty on a farm owned by Murphy Family Ventures LLC, which supplies Smithfield Foods.

As proved by Beyond Meat (which PETA has supported since the food company’s 2009 conception) and its standout 2019 stock, eating compassionately is only becoming more and more popular—even animal abusers can’t ignore the vegan movement any longer.

‘Make a Change for the Better’

We’ve been making so much progress for animals used for food that it’s hard to keep track of it all. PETA persuaded Baskin-Robbins to add nondairy ice cream, Del Taco’s vegan Beyond Avocado Taco is a fan favorite, Blaze Pizza now offers animal-free chorizo, Dunkin’ is testing Beyond Meat sausages, and Carl’s Jr. offers a vegan burger—and companies like Smithfield Foods are hustling to catch up.

Help PETA accomplish even more for animals used and abused in the food industry. >>

Beyond Meat, Gardein, Tofurky, Field Roast, Yves Veggie Cuisine, Lightlife … all these 100% vegan brands and others already offer delicious, healthy, animal-friendly meat and dairy alternatives that are available in supermarket chains and health food stores alike. By choosing only vegan foods from kind brands like these, you’ll save nearly 200 animals per year. Be a part of the vegan revolution:

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