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Narcos’ Wagner Moura Goes Vegan to Drop Pablo Escobar Weight

Just as Pablo Escobar’s career wasn’t one to emulate, his health wasn’t either.

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9 Facts You Need to Know Before Considering a ‘Pet’ Hamster

Hamsters are thinking, feeling beings who deserve love and respect, but the pet trade encourages us to view them as trinkets.

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Vegan Car Interiors Put Compassion in the Fast Lane

With these vegan-friendly vehicles, you’ll never again have to sit on a dead animal’s skin.

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What’s for Dinner? N.C. Firefighters Try Vegan!

The crew members were curious about what a vegan firefighter eats, so they asked one to cook up something tasty. Deliciousness ensued.

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A to Z Guide to Vegan Berlin

Berlin might be the most vegan-friendly city in the world.

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World’s #1 Tennis Champion Also a Champion for Animals With New Vegan Restaurant

Novak Djokovic is the number one tennis player in the world, and he just opened a stunning new vegan restaurant, Eqvita.

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Ordering Vegan at Taco Bell

Did you know that Taco Bell is a secret vegan paradise?

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Snoop Dogg Finds Out How Hot Dogs Get Mizzade

In this hilarious clip, find out why Snoop Dogg says he is “never eating a mother-f*cking hot dog” again.

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Vegan Wins ‘Beach Body’ Category at Miss Galaxy Universe Competition

This vegan is a Miss Galaxy Universe competition winner, and she’s got the body to prove it.

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This Common Sushi Order May Cause Anal Leakage—And Other “Food” Facts

Animal-based seafood is often mislabeled. If you want to know what you’re eating—and what you’re not eating—choose wholesome vegan foods.

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