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Cruelty-Free Never Smelled So Good! Check Out These Humane Candles

R: © October Fields
Published by Rebecca Libauskas.

Compassion feels and smells magnificent! Adding fragrance to your home with vegan candles is a simple, affordable way to create mood-boosting ambiance. It also adds character to your space, allowing each room to have its own vibe.

We’ve compiled a list of pleasantly scented candles that were made with kindness: These products were not tested on animals and do not contain animal-derived ingredients. These companies provide delicious-smelling scents for every season and mood, proving that there’s no reason to support businesses that pay for cruel archaic tests on animals. We also don’t need to steal bees’ wax or honey.

If you share your home with an animal companion, please remember that certain smells can cause respiratory problems, allergies, skin reactions, or other side effects. Ask your veterinarian about using any fragrance products.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Candles

Few things are more relaxing than a candlelit room. Candles can add a warm glow to a gloomy day and promote feelings of relaxation.

For a compassionate candle selection, opt for soy wax. Paraffin wax releases chemicals and soot into the air that are bad for you, your animal companions, and the environment. And bees are killed for beeswax.

PETA’s Spiced Pumpkin Pie–Scented Candle

This rich, comforting scent captures the aroma of a real vegan pumpkin pie. It’s sure to evoke homey feelings of coziness and warmth.

pumpkin pie scented vegan candle peta

PETA’s Wet Dog Candle

Don’t wet dogs have their own unique, happy scent? PETA’s candle will make you smile as you breathe in that one-of-a-kind whiff of a wet animal.

wet dog scented candle

PETA’s Lavender-Bergamot Candle

This delightful vegan candle, scented with lavender and bergamot, can brighten your home and lift your spirits.

lavender bergamot vegan scented candle

PETA’s Spiced Cranberry Candle

Feeling romantic? This pleasant vegan candle, scented with spices and cranberry, will set the mood.

holiday spiced cranberry vegan candle

October Fields’ ‘Enlightenment’ Pottery Candle

Citrus and spice make everything nice! This elegant candle has notes of vetiver, coriander, wild bergamot, and tangerine.

October fields vegan candles

PETA’s Tofu-Scented Candle

Is someone in your home sensitive to smells? No problem! This scentless candle can add warmth and light without bothering those with allergies.

vegan tofu scented candle

Forage Candle Co. Old Book Candle

Calling all book lovers! This candle captures the magic of old books with notes of pine, sandalwood, musk, and vanilla.

AbbottNYC’s Sequoia Candle

Scented with smoky incense, cedarwood, and sandalwood, this candle may make you feel like you’re on a camping trip.

Apotheke’s Charcoal Concrete 4 Wick Candle

Giant candles are all the rage these days, and this four-wick one provides a whopping 250 hours of burn time, set in a gorgeous black concrete container. Of course, if you’re not ready to commit yet, you can test out any of Apotheke’s scents in a smaller votive size.


Happy cruelty-free shopping! Before making a purchase, check our database to see if a company tests on animals. There are no specific laws concerning “cruelty-free” or “no animal testing” labeling of products, and companies may not have the same high standards as PETA’s database. We recommend purchasing only products made by companies on our “Companies That Don’t Test on Animals” list.

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