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One way you can support Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities during Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month (and all the time) is by amplifying their voices. This can mean buying products from Asian-owned brands, patronizing local Asian-owned restaurants, or following AAPI content creators and influencers. There are many AAPI leaders in the vegan community as well—and at a time when anti-Asian racism and violence is on the rise, it’s more important than ever to support their work. Animal activism is a social justice movement that goes hand in hand with other such movements, including anti-racist ones—we can’t be silent in the face of injustice, which is why we must stand with AAPI communities.

Here are some vegan AAPI influencers, brands, and restaurants to consider supporting.

Asian-Owned Food Brands

You won’t find eggs, dairy, honey, or other ingredients that hurt animals listed on products from these Asian-owned brands. Instead, you’ll find delicious vegan cheeses, fish-free tuna, healthy frozen desserts, tasty snacks, and other flavorful goodies. Try these products and you’ll be as happy as the cows, chickens, fish, and other animals you save when you choose to eat vegan.

Chi Kitchen Kimchi

Coconut Whisk

Fly By Jing

Green Mustache

The Herbivorous Butcher


Jinka Vegan Tuna Spread


Must Love


The Only Bean

Snow Monkey

Woodridge Snacks

Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen

Asian-Owned Restaurants and Pop-Ups

These Asian-owned restaurants showcase creative vegan dishes. Many of them are influenced by Asian and Pacific Island cultures, with all the flavors and traditions and none of the animal-derived ingredients.

Âu Lạc (Los Angeles, California)

Beelman’s (Los Angeles, California)

Beleaf Better Burgers (Chino, California)

Chef Reina (San Francisco, California)

Dear Bella Creamery (Los Angeles, California)

Dōnatsu (Los Angeles, California)

Gokoku (Studio City, California)

Hangawi Restaurant (New York, New York)

Kumare (Portland, Oregon)

MANEATINGPLANT (Los Angeles, California)

Onion Maiden (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Plant Alchemy (Long Beach, California)

shojin (Los Angeles, California)

AAPI Influencers

If you’re looking for some real-life vegan inspiration, including recipes, restaurant recommendations, and “what I eat in a day” vlogs, these influencers have you covered.

Astig Vegan (R.G. Enriquez-Diez)

Cheap Lazy Vegan (Rose Lee)

@chez.jorge (George Lee)

Cruelty-Free Charcuterie (Kat Magsaysay)

hot for food (Lauren Toyota)

James Mukunve

The Korean Vegan, Esq. (Joanne L. Molinaro)

Nisha Balsara

Pick Up Limes (Sadia Badiei)

@plantbasedartist (Sheil Shukla)

Plant-Based on a Budget (Toni Okamoto Shapiro)

@rainbowplantlife (Nisha Vora)

Sweet Simple Vegan (Jasmine Briones)

Thriving on Plants (Cherie Tu)

@veganeatsnyc (Crystal Pang)

Vegan Richa (Richa Hingle)

The Viet Vegan (Lisa Mai)

@whollyvegan (Jen)

WokWildSide (Ted Lai)

Asian-Owned Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Brands

Going vegan also means choosing animal-free beauty products, fashion, and other items that you might use in your daily routine. The following brands offer cruelty-free beauty, skin-care, and personal-care products; leather-free handbags and shoes; and even some items for your animal companions.

Bandit & Co.

Cykochick Custom Handbags

Dashing Diva

Meow Meow Tweet



As a consumer, you have the power to make a statement when you make a purchase, and that includes choosing products that are made with animals’ well-being in mind. Learn more about the impact of going vegan and how you can make the transition:

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