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Celebrity-backed beauty companies are choosing compassion by refusing to support cruel tests on animals. Why? Because you don’t need to hurt animals in order to look beautiful! In addition, experiments on animals are more expensive and less accurate than scientifically superior, animal-free methods.

Read on to see our complete list of celebrity-endorsed or -owned beauty lines:

Lil Yachty, Crete

Rapper Lil Yachty is at the helm of vegan nail polish brand Crete, which has just launched its first collection, Negatives 001. The collection consists of three nail-paint pens available in black, gray, and white, but Crete also sells glossy and matte resin top coats and a variety of sticker designs to complement the main polishes. All of its products are animal test–free and vegan, so you can wear them with pride knowing that no animal was harmed for your stylish nails.

Selena Gomez, Rare Beauty

We were thrilled when Selena Gomez’s upcoming beauty line joined our Global Beauty Without Bunnies program, ensuring that it will never test its products or their ingredients on animals. The brand sells vegan lipsticks, luminizer, 48 shades of foundation, and so much more in gorgeous, neutral-toned packaging. As a cruelty-free brand, Rare Beauty is showing the world how easy it is to care for animals. Rabbits, mice, and others used for product testing deserve to live in peace and should never be exploited and harmed. Rare Beauty is available at Sephora, which recently banned mink eyelashes after pressure from PETA. Check out some of our favorite Rare Beauty items and our guide to vegan products at Sephora.

Alicia Keys, e.l.f.

Singer-songwriter Alicia Keys and cruelty-free beauty brand e.l.f. have teamed up for a new skin-care line, set to launch in 2021. According to e.l.f., the new lifestyle line aims to “bring new meaning to beauty by honoring ritual in our daily life and practicing intention in every action.” For both Keys and e.l.f., that means creating affordable, inclusive products that are cruelty-free—meaning they’re vegan and never tested on animals.

Lauren Conrad, Lauren Conrad Beauty

Reality star and fashion designer Lauren Conrad made a splash when she launched her cruelty-free beauty line. Lauren Conrad Beauty offers five products that are all available for under $30, including a two-in-one lip and cheek tint and a lipstick that comes in four rich shades. Conrad’s relaxed, Southern California–inspired aesthetic shines through in these eco-friendly staples that are sure to refresh your personal collection. She’s also developing skin-care products that will be added to her collection as it grows, including a cleanser, a toner mist, and vitamin C oil. We can’t wait to see what comes next!

Kesha, Kesha Rose Beauty

Pop queen Kesha developed her new makeup line to encapsulate what she’s all about: “embracing who you are while standing fearlessly together to celebrate our differences.” The Kesha Rose Beauty collection features five products, including a stunning eyeshadow palette with a celestial desert theme, all of which were used in creating Kesha’s own look for her new album, High Road. In addition, the company joined PETA’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies program, so you know its entire line has never been tested on animals.

Tracee Ellis Ross, Pattern Beauty

Members of the curly, coily, and tight-textured hair community, rejoice! Actor Tracee Ellis Ross’ new hair-care line, Pattern Beauty, is here to fulfill your unmet needs. It offers accessible pricing, gorgeous packaging, and (most important of all) cruelty-free products. Add one or both of these vegan finds to your cart and join the natural hair movement today:


Drew Barrymore, Flower

Great makeup at a great price. How does Flower do it? By using no paid advertising—just word-of-mouth promotion by cofounder Drew Barrymore. Money that would otherwise be spent on advertising is instead put into developing Flower’s high-quality formulas. Available exclusively at Ulta and Walmart stores.

Drew Barrymore

Jessica Alba, The Honest Company

Jessica Alba founded The Honest Company in order to create effective and eco-friendly baby products. But the company has branched out since then and now offers a personal-care line for adults, too, including hair-care products, makeup, moisturizing lotion, and shaving oil, just to name a few.

Josie Maran, Josie Maran Cosmetics

While Josie Maran was working as an actor and model, she was suspicious of the chemicals in the makeup she had to wear. Years later, she was inspired to start her own beauty line when she discovered the beneficial effects that Moroccan argan oil had on her skin and hair. As she explains on her website, “Our radical concept is to use a powerhouse of plant-based oils and extracts—including Argan Oil, our star ingredient—to condition, purify, and nourish as they enhance your gorgeousness.”

Miranda Kerr, KORA Organics

The iconic model founded her certified-organic skin-care line in 2009. KORA Organics is manufactured in Kerr’s home country of Australia but ships to countries all over the world.

You don’t need to be famous to appreciate cruelty-free beauty. Check out PETA’s online database of more than 3,000 cruelty-free companies for all your beauty needs.

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