Published by Katherine Sullivan.

Friendsgiving: It’s simply a Thanksgiving dinner celebration but with your friends. So serving your friends other friends (that is, animals) while celebrating Friendsgiving … not OK. But don’t fret. There are so many delicious vegan Thanksgiving side dishes to choose from that the hard part won’t be bringing a vegan dish—it’ll be choosing only one to bring.

What Should I Bring to Friendsgiving?

A vegan side dish, of course—here are some great options you might consider:

1. Garlic Mashed Cauliflower

For a healthy and delicious take on the typical mashed potato side dish, consider making vegan garlic mashed cauliflower.


Get an easy-to-make recipe from the Minimalist Baker. >>

2. Thanksgiving Stuffing

There are so many different ways to make vegan stuffing. For any recipe, make sure that your bread is egg– and dairy-free, that your butter is vegan, and that your broth or stock is made from vegetables.


Check out RainbowPlantLife for an animal-friendly classic stuffing recipe. >>

3. Mac and ‘Cheese’

Blow your friends’ socks off with a vegan baked mac and cheese dish.


Follow A Virtual Vegan’s nut-free recipe—use rice macaroni to make it gluten-free, too! >>

4. Dinner Rolls

Is it really Thanksgiving Friendsgiving without some dinner rolls? For pull-apart ones that’ll rival grandma’s, watch below:


Get the full vegan Thanksgiving dinner roll recipe from The Mushroom Den. >>

5. Cranberry Sauce

Some cranberry sauces are made using white cane sugar, which can be refined with animal bone char. Check out this recipe from The Happy Pear:


All you’ll need is cranberries, orange juice, agave syrup, and chia seeds!

6. Green Bean Casserole

What’s a Friendsgiving celebration without a green bean casserole to cut into? Try this easy vegan and gluten-free recipe:


Check out “hot for food” for the full recipe. >>

7. Sweet Potato Casserole

Speaking of casseroles, you can’t forget the sweet potato kind! Thrive Market has everything you need to make this one—just add sweet potatoes:


Visit for the full recipe and ingredients list. >>

8. Brussels Sprouts

For a recipe that’s sure to tantalize even the pickiest of eaters, try our Maple-Sriracha Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Cranberry Wild Rice:

Get the recipe. >>

9. Stuffed Acorn Squash

For something a little fancier, consider bringing a stuffed acorn squash side dish. This one with vegan sausage, green apple, and walnuts is a surefire crowd-pleaser:

Step by step, make your own vegan stuffed acorn squash. >>

10. Glazed Carrots

No Friendsgiving table would be complete without some sort of yummy carrot dish. These balsamic glazed carrots look almost too good to eat:


Get the full recipe from The Edgy Veg. >>


Animals are friends, not food. They don’t belong on serving platters, whether it’s a holiday celebration or a random Tuesday night dinner.

Give your friends—all your friends—something to be truly thankful for.

Bringing a vegan Thanksgiving side dish to your Friendsgiving potluck is a win-win situation: You and your friends will eat healthier, and you’ll save animals’ lives. Step up your game by bringing a few vegan starter kits with you to Friendsgiving to pass out:

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