Attention, pescatarians: Fish feel pain, have complex social relationships, and love to play games, and some even have longer attention spans than humans do. They’re complex beings who also communicate in ways that are strikingly familiar—they “talk” to each other using squeaks and squeals and use various types of body language to give each other directions or warn of potential danger. What’s more, fish flesh, which can concentrate high levels of chemical residues, is toxic to humans, and the seafood industry is destroying the environment. There’s no need to eat fish when you can “catch” one of the many vegan seafood products available online or in grocery stores across the country today.

Vegan Seafood Products Are Here—Check Out These Great Options:

Vegan Calamari and Vegan Scallop From Nature’s Charm

Mushrooms make some of the best vegan seafood since they soak up flavor and have a flaky yet “meaty” texture. Choose Nature’s Charm marinated and canned mushrooms for the best seafood flavor and easy preparation.

Vegan Golden Fillet, Classic Fillet, Crab Cakes, and Tuna From OMNI

OMNI debuted its new line of vegan seafood products at Natural Products Expo West 2022, and we’re excited to try them as they begin hitting stores and restaurants in the U.S.

Various Vegan Seafood Products From Vegan ZeaStar

Vegan ZeaStar has plant-based seafood options that will blow your mind—just check out the brand’s vegan tuna and salmon sashimi. It also offers battered vegan calamari and vegan shrimp, available in regular and crispy lemon flavors.

Mind Blown! Plant-Based Seafood from The Plant Based Seafood Co.

Get ready to be blown away by this vegan seafood line from women-owned company The Plant Based Seafood Co. From crab-like cakes to bay scallops, this brand has everything that you need for a vegan seafood feast, shipped right to your door.

Ocean’s Halo Vegan Fish Sauce

Add a savory kick to all of your Southeast Asian–inspired dishes with this kelp-based vegan fish sauce from Ocean’s Halo.

Loving Hut

This international vegan restaurant chain also sells its vegan seafood through Vegan Essentials, where you can find Vegan Lobster Balls, Fresh Ocean “shrimp,” and an Ocean Seaweed Island “fish” fillet.

BeLeaf Vegan Shrimp

If you’ve tried vegan shrimp at a restaurant before, it may have been from BeLeaf. Many restaurants choose this brand for dishes like this Vegan Shrimp Quesataco from Fresno’s Jackamobile:

Gourmet Plant-Based Seafood From Sophie’s Kitchen

Sophie’s Kitchen’s Breaded Vegan Shrimp and Vegan Crab Cakes are sold at select Walmart stores nationwide—use the product locator to find out if they’re available near you.

Worthington Meatless Tuna

This plant-based tuna is deliciously flaky and versatile. Mix it with some vegan mayo and spices for a classic tuna salad, or use it to make vegan crab cakes. You can order it online or find it in stores.

Gardein’s Fishless Filets

gardein fishless filets and fries in a basket

Gardein’s Crabless Cakes

New Wave Foods’ Plant-Based Shrimp

This woman-powered brand produces two varieties of vegan shrimp: Crispy and “Raw.”

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Plant Based Foods’ Cavi-art

Made from seaweed, Cavi-art can be used in both hot and cold dishes. It has a long shelf life and is cholesterol-free.

Assorted Vegan Seafood Options From May Wah Vegetarian Market

May Wah offers a wide array of frozen vegan seafood products, all available to order online. Check out its Golden Fish Fillet, Imitation Crab Steaks, Delicious Tuna, Vegan Imitation Scallops, Imitation Squid, and other products.

vegan seafood products available in stores and online

Loma Linda Fishless Tuna From Atlantic Natural Foods

You can buy this Fishless Tuna (“Tuno”) online and in stores. It comes in tasty flavors, including Lemon Pepper, Sesame Ginger, and Thai Sweet Chili.

Fish-Free Tuna From Good Catch

You can buy Good Catch fish-free tuna, frozen vegan seafood entrées, and appetizers online through Thrive Market and in-store at Whole Foods Market.

Vegan Fish Sauce

Check out more vegan versions of this seasoning staple used in many Asian dishes that you can order online from brands such as Tofuna Fysh.

Vegan Seafood of the Future

We’re keeping an eye on these innovative brands that are paving the way for the future of vegan seafood:

Finless Foods

While it’s still in the early stages of development, this company is developing technology to create fish meat out of stem cells.


Kuleana’s plant-based Akami is meant to mimic raw blue fin tuna, which is commonly used in restaurant sushi and sashimi. However, Kuleana’s tuna is made entirely from plants.


Wildtype uses cellular agriculture to grow seafood directly from cells—without any animal suffering—starting with sushi-grade vegan salmon.

Try some of the great products on this list (plus other vegan seafood options) the next time that you cook at home or head out to eat:

Get All Meat and Dairy ‘Products’ Out of Your Life—Go Vegan Today!

Whether you’re looking for vegan bacon or nondairy ice cream, we’ve got the inside information on all the best vegan brands and products. So grab your grocery list, stroll down the aisles of your local supermarket or health-food store, and add tasty 100 percent plant-based items to your shopping cart instead of animals’ body parts:

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