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What is this stuff that’s mixed with gobs of mayo to create crab salad or the red-and-white “meat” stuffed in a sushi roll? And what about those crab sticks in the frozen cases at grocery stores? The most pressing question you may be asking your flummoxed self is, “If this ‘crab meat’ isn’t crab, is it vegan?”

No! Think of imitation crab as the hot dog of the sea. Imitation crab is made from surimi, which means “ground meat.” Surimi consists of white-fleshed fish and other fish body parts that are ground into a paste. Artificial flavors are then mixed in, before the last step in this grotesque process—the reshaping of the paste to mimic the flesh of a crab.

Avoiding this questionable food is only one reason to stop eating sea animals. Scientists have reported that fish and crabs exhibit complex types of behavior that include helping each other, learning from their mistakes, recognizing each other, and gathering information by eavesdropping.

To keep cruelty off your plate, opt for delicious fish-free recipes and products, including the following:

Vegan Crab Recipes

Jackfruit Crab Salad

If you haven’t heard yet, jackfruit is currently a very “buzzy” food, as it soaks up flavor well and has a naturally meaty texture. This recipe uses kelp granules to add an oceanic flare.

Vegan Crab Rangoon

Combine young green jackfruit, vegan cream cheese, toasted sesame oil, and vegan wonton wrappers to create this gorgeous vegan Rangoon.

Vegan Crab Cakes with Sriracha Remoulade

Old Bay seasoning offers a great way to add a seafood flavor without the cruelty inherent in eating sea animals. Plus, how gorgeous are these mock crab cakes?

Vegan Crab Cakes with Horseradish Dill Tartar Sauce

Ooh, look at these, too! We couldn’t include just one vegan crab cake recipe on this list.

Vegan California Roll

Oh, vegan sushi—we love you so. (Cries a single tear of joy.)

California-Style Heart of Palm Ceviche

This ceviche recipe is a jaw-dropping work of art.

Crabless Products

Gardein Mini Crispy Crabless Cakes

Match Vegan Ground Crab Meat

May Wah Vegan Imitation Crab Steaks

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